View Full Version : soldier faces murder charges in a grenade attack.

04-04-03, 08:07 PM
a 101st army paratrooper faces murder charges for a grenade attack in an army camp in Kuwait. Sgt. Hasa k. Akbar threw 3 grenades in officer's tents which ended up killing two officers Army Capt....

04-04-03, 08:38 PM
Afraid that they might endict him because he's a muslim?

How about indict him because he committed murder....

04-04-03, 08:42 PM
yea that bastard!!

04-04-03, 09:10 PM
His acts can be considered "terrorism" and therefore also be prosecuted under other new anti-terrorism laws. Think about this if you don't think this was an act of terror. If his plan was to demoralized his leadership and have leaders rethink plans to invade Iraq he is essentially guilty of a act of terror. Was his intent to attack Americans to impose his will on them? Just food for thought.


04-08-03, 04:19 PM
Would he be charged for treason to? He should be hit with every possible charge they can give him. It made me sick when I saw it on CNN.