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11-04-07, 09:03 AM
As the 10th of November gets closer, we Marines start to get the urge to celebrate and party. Some of us will attend one of the full blow Marine Corps Balls, if we are close anough to attend one. Others, well most of us, will try to gather with some of our old Corps buddies and party together. But one thing is for sure, no matter where we are we remember that day as the Birthday of the United States Marie Corps.

From that smelly old run down bar, Tunn Tavern, in 1775, we have evolved into the world best fighting machine. Even in those days the Cops would not take just anyone, no sir, you had to meet certain requirments to enlist in our Corps. Not everyone can be a Marine, and sadly some don't have what it takes to achieve that goal, that title, but for the ones of us that did, well, we are the past, present and the future of our beloved Corps.

When we visit the VA clinics and hospitals we see the Olm men in wheel chairs, rolling down the hallways, he's wearing that old beat up WWII, Korea,Viet Nam or just a U.S. Marine Corps cap or T shirt. If he sees a fellow Marine he says, "Semper Fi", and goes on his way. We see the children, yes we see children, from the Gulf wars, both of them wearing that same type cap or T shirt. We say "Semper Fi" to them and thank them, even shack thier hand. Then we realize that these "CHILDREN"are the veterans of this war! Just like we were "Those damn kids" of our war! We were the 18-25 year olds that thought we were the men, and were!

We visit sites like this one on the internet and we met the Poolees and wannabes. We think "Wow these KIDS are green", and they are, but no more than we were when our career was where thier is now. They are full of questions and excitement. Willing to lay it all down just to serve in our Beloved Corps.

Then we remember that these poolees are the future of our Corps! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES, MAY WE HAVE ANOTHER 232 YEARS OF GLORY AND SERVICE TO OUR GREAT NATION!

Semper Fi Marines