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10-30-07, 07:01 AM
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 <br />
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Stories tell of haunted places on U.S. bases <br />
American military powerless against screams, bumps, spirits in the night <br />
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Stars and Stripes <br />
Pacific edition,...

10-30-07, 08:35 AM
This is interesting stuff, and I'm willing to take it seriously. I have an entire book on ghost activity surrounding the Civil War. Incidents like a lady in period dress appearing on a balcony of a Civil War era hotel down South, Mississippi, I believe. Whenever someone takes a picture of her they get a picture of the hotel, but no lady on the balcony.

I personally have reason to believe the spirit of a girl I was once engaged to before I met my wife is following me around. She died fairly young without ever marrying. The night of August 15, 1993, she appeared in a dream, gave me a hug, and said "Goodbye". I found out later for a fact that she died...August 15, 1993. Also, she always wore a distinctive perfume. I've waked up in the middle of the night maybe a half dozen times and caught a whiff of that same perfume. Always when I was sleeping alone, never when my wife was in bed with me. There have been other incidents, but you get the picture.

Also, my shop on the family farm was originally built by my father and three of my uncles, now all deceased, in 1973. Sometimes when I'm working late at night, I swear I can feel another presence in the building.

I think there's an awful lot going on "out there" that we don't know about, and probably shouldn't until the right time.


10-30-07, 09:07 AM
I've got to agree with crate. Definitely stuff out there that is beyond understanding until the right time. I'm on Camp Hansen right now and gate 3 is only open during the daytime...as soon as 1700 hits, that gate closes down, supposedly because of the ghost that asks for a light. I've heard of that one here...I haven't heard about the one out at Maeda Point though. I go snorkeling there quite frequently and I'm going to be there this weekend for a BBQ. Never seen a tomb though...from the sound of things I don't want to. I know we all have our little stories...growing up in my old house my dogs would wake up from a dead sleep and jump up and run towards absolutely nothing and start barking and going crazy, as if they were barking at somebody.

10-30-07, 10:55 AM
here ya go, a link to the 15 most famous ghost pics ever taken.! enjoy:beer:

SSgt Ramsey
04-14-09, 09:33 AM
In the former 2d FSSG command building (Now 2d MLG) there is a display case memorial for all the members that have died in Iraq or Afghanistan.

A dog-tag from every Marine or Sailer is in there....

At night, it's spooky....and when you walk by you can hear the "clink" of the tags...I don't know if the vibrations from walking cause them to move or if there is something else....but its definitely spooky....and sometimes you swear you hear footsteps down the hallway but there's only one or 2 people in the building.