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04-03-03, 10:47 PM
Well im Leaving sunday basically...My dad is taking my computer tomorrow so the only way i can get back on here is on my gf's computer....but if i can not do that....i just want every1 to know that im thankful for all the knowledge yall have giving me...i know my General Orders and about everything im suppose to know...but im sure ill forget then when i have 2,3,4 or maybe 5 DIs yelling in my face...but ill do fine....and i will come back with the title...thanks for everything...see yall again in the next lifetime......lol..or it will seem that long....SemperFi.


04-03-03, 10:51 PM
Good luck kid.

Ya ain't a Marine yet!

I dare ya to 'Semper Fi' yer Drill Instructors! ;)

04-03-03, 11:07 PM

I'll bet the kid could get away with it, if he told his Drill Instructors:

Sirs, I have been ordered, by my mentor, wrbones at leatherneck.com to deliver to you the following message from him.
"Semper Fi".

Now, as a special favor to him, please kick my ass.

(Although they have a sense of humor, Drill Instructors hide it very well.)

04-03-03, 11:10 PM
Good Luck..........

Care package.....so he remembers us........LOL

The Drifter

04-03-03, 11:13 PM
Yeah, First Sergeant! That might work!

Well, it works fer me, anyway!

04-03-03, 11:13 PM
...Soon2B might have some trouble with it....

04-04-03, 01:12 AM

make us all proud. when your DI spits out their first order, just say, "yeah...right bud."

come back and tell us how you earned our title.

semper fi,

04-04-03, 01:18 AM
OMG! That's funny! LMAO.

I can see the Drill Instructors face now! LMAO

04-04-03, 07:00 PM
Stay motivated and remember to focus on why you are there.
Yu know we are all counting on you making it! Don't let us down, but more importantly, don't let yourself down!!!

Send us an e-mail when you get back from the land that G-d forgot.

04-06-03, 05:10 PM
Hey everyone, this is Soon2B's girlfriend. I just got home from saying goodbye to Brian and lemme tell ya, it's a sad thing to do. But I know he'll do well, and I just hope that everyone prays for hism and wishes him luck at Boot. Feel free to talk to me whenever u want cuz I'm trying to learn about the Marines in order to support him. I love him so much. Take care.


04-06-03, 06:25 PM

If you have any questions or concerns, or just need an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on, give me a shout. I'm a woman, and I can understand a lot of things a girlfriend may experience. Like the old saying goes, "been there, done that!"

One key issue is to remain supportive towards the person in boot. That is really the hardest time. They need to hear that all things at home are well and to simply write back cheerful stuff - no "dear john or dear jane" letters. That would be cruel.

Semper fi,

04-06-03, 06:26 PM
Hey Meg,

What kinds of things did Brian say about all of us - behind our computers? Especially about Bones!

semper fi,

04-06-03, 06:28 PM
Hey, I'm a nice guy!.....sometimes....

Meg, grab yer own username and hang around. You'll learn nmore about the Corps than he does!

04-06-03, 11:26 PM
I wish him well on his quest to earn the title. I myself have to wait yet exactly another 123 days before I'm 17 and able to have my parents sign on the dotted line. I've waited this long though, so 123 days and another year of school shouldn't be too bad huh? ;)

04-07-03, 02:12 PM
hi. all! soon2b's mom, here! meg is right...yesterday was rough.
we are very proud of him even though he instructed us not to be...yet! he is so worried about getting thru boot! a friend of ours loaned us the video of his graduation...really interesting. i wish brian could have seen all of it before he left...especially the section on the crucible. i know boot is rough, but brian is very determined.


04-08-03, 11:18 AM
Hi! I can relate to some of the anxious feelings...soon enough it'll be my time to head out...April 20th I'll have to say goodbye to my friends and family. But I can't freakin' wait to work my butt off to earn the title! I told myself a long time ago..."someday I'll have my own dress blues" and I'm looking forward to wearing them with pride. If there are any female Marines out there that could give me some good advice for surviving basic training...I'm taking in all the info. I can before I go. My recruiter never gave me a list of what to bring either, any advice on that? Thanx a bunch!

Cuelocks (Poolee, soon to be recruit :thumbup: )

04-08-03, 12:35 PM

My recruiter never gave me a list either. He probably felt I knew, since I had known him nearly most my life. Then, a spot opened a couple of months before my planned departure date. I had a half day to assemble a few items and get my behind down to his office. There are places here on leatherneck that will help you form a list of things to take with you. Here are a couple of things, looking back, I wish I had done before leaving:

Sleep. Wish I had slept a lot those last two days before my departure. Sounds crazy I know. But mentally - it will pay off during those first few days at boot. That is when there is a lot of stress and confusion.

Alcohol: Don't use any for a few days prior to departure. The night we all assembled and stayed at a hotel at the airport, a bunch of guys going into the other branches got a lot of wine and beer. The only one's going into the Marine Corps, was this other woman and I. She had never had a drink in her life. Well, I on the other hand... We both suffered hang-overs the next day. Not the way to arrive at Parris Island. Trust me on this one.

Excercise: Run. Push-ups. Run. Crunches. Run. Lift weights. Run. Did I say, Run?

Memorize the 11 general orders, chain of command, especially those ranks above E-7. Be able to say the 11 general orders frontwards, backwards, sideways and upsidedown. Doing so now, will allow you to alot time during boot to other necessary tasks and relieve some stress.

Keep your eyes on the prize: The finest title in all the world: United States Marine. It isn't easy. Just words for now, the meaning will follow. Don't give up. Stay on track. You are about to learn things about yourself and your inner resources you never knew you had. This will become one time in your life that you will always remember. Keep a diary. It will pay off years in the future.

Good luck.

Semper fi,

Super Dave
04-08-03, 01:06 PM
Make sure you tell everyone NOT to send cookies or anything along those lines. You will NOT enjoy them. Tell them to write LOTS of letters, that's one think my daughter said in EVERY letter she wrote me. I also remember how great it was to get a letter while there. Nothing goes on the envelope but the To and From address and the stamp. No cute sayings etc on the back. My cousin wrote me a letter while I was there, on the back the wrote "Tell all those lonely guys hello". I had to do push ups, mountain climbers, bend and mother-fu**kinbg thrusts saying "hello lonely guys" over and over. The DI would yell to the platoon..Are you still lonely? They of course would say "No Sir", but he didn't believe them for quite a while.
All "fun" aside...You need to have the right mental attitude, if you say and KNOW that when you leave that you are not coming back until you are a Marine you can do it.
My daughter left Dec 9th she Graduated April 11th, that's 4 months. She had trouble on the rifle range and was recycled to another platoon. (found out later M-16 was defective) Being recycled can really be a downer and quite a few can never recover from it. She kept the right attitude and said, Maybe I need an extra month here to make me stronger. That is what being a Marine is all about, not giving up, doing the job no matter what it takes. If it was easy, It wouldn't be the Marines!

04-09-03, 12:21 AM
Oh for Brian Sir we might want to send some goodies (haha). I think his mom is going to put his bootcamp address on this site so we can write letters to him for motivation.

04-09-03, 10:57 AM
JChristian and Super Dave,
Thanks so much for giving me some insight! Super Dave, I hope some day I'll have the privilage of working with your daughter! I've been running 5 miles a day and I can do about 80 crunches in the 2 min. and I've been lifting as well, so hopefully I'm good to start basic training. I've also memorized the 11 General Orders and I've been studying the little book my recruiter gave me like crazy. Can't get enough of it! A friend of mine thats a Marine told me that when she was in boot they all lived from "chow to chow" and before they knew it the day had come when their platoons were dismissed. I just want to be the best recruit I can be and not settle for less and also help out everyone around me. I picked the Marines because it was the hardest and I wanted to truely be proud of that accomplishment in my life. But for now...gonna take it one day at a time and never quit or give up! Any other advice...I'm taking it all in! I'll come back to leatherneck.com and tell you all how it worked out for me. Thanx!

Cuelocks :bunny:

04-12-03, 06:58 PM
Hey, I had to make a different name b/c it wasn't letting me check my messages. I still have the other name, but it's not really working with my comp... yea, it's weird. So this is my new one. Write me sometime... ttyl :)


04-17-03, 02:53 AM
Howdy Cuelocks,

We are here to help. I would also suggest, that once you have the Marine Corps chain of command down, start in on the Navy. Since the Navy is a part of the Marine Corps, (he he he...) it is important to understand and memorize that branches rank and officer structure as well.

This is also true about the other branches Getting the basic's down first is all that is fundamentally important. The more you can learn prior to boot may help relieve some of the momentarily stresses encountered during boot. It really does goes by fast. I too was held back in boot. It's a real emotional zinger.

By the way, I don't know if they still do this or not, but...If they still feed recruits at the airport dining room in Savana after everyone arrives, don't order the steak. Twenty years ago it sucked!

semper fi,

04-17-03, 09:17 AM
I'll be sure not to order the steak ;) I'll be leaving in 3 days (April 20th)! I'm still not nervous but just excited...I probably have no idea what I'm getting myself into. Thanks for all the tips...take care everyone!

-Cuelocks :D

04-17-03, 09:31 AM
Ah, that first haircut. I remember it well....

04-17-03, 09:32 AM

Stay motivated and remember what your goals are.......
I know you will do us all proud......
Look foward to the day we can welcome you into our brother/Sister Hood..........

The Drifter

04-17-03, 04:11 PM
Just remeber all the people here that are supporting you!!!

04-17-03, 05:20 PM
You should get with your recruiter and get the list. He does have one. Feedback from the female Marines I put in - most said to cut your hair so you wouldnt have to hassle with it...

Keep strong and well be waiting for your return. Don't just think that others have done it, so you can do it.... Think that others have done it and you can do it BETTER!

Semper Fi,