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10-25-07, 07:32 PM
Good evening Marines!
I am currently in MOS school and in the Marine Corps Reserve. I want to transfer from the unit I am currently supposed to be going to to one a bit closer to home (same MOS). It has come to my attention that the unit I want to transfer to will be deploying in January, and I am scheduled to graduate MOS school towards the very end of January, presumably after the unit has deployed. My questions are: Can I still transfer to a unit even while they are deployed and if I do transfer, will I be immediately sent to wherever they are in Iraq or just wait until the next time they deploy? What would happen to me?

10-25-07, 10:54 PM
Good question, find a local marine corps recruter, thay may know. Good luck on that.

Phantom Blooper
10-26-07, 06:18 AM

You being a poolee,how the hell can you give a Marine advice on something you know nothing about because you aren't a Marine or been through Marine Corps boot camp. Tote you azz to the Poolee Forum and maybe you can read the sticky rules.And capitalize Marine!

As far as the posters question goes. You have to complete MOS school then if you are able to transfer they may accept you in the new command. When a reserve unit deploys after activation not all reservists deploy with them. There may be a rear party....holding down the fort so to speak. If the unit is activated and is going to be sent to the Middle East,the unit will more than likely have a training cycle stateside for a few months before deployment. You may catch up to the unit there. This all depends if the one command releases you and the command you want takes you. The above poster told you to see a recruiter....NOT... the recruiter has NO say and NO knowledge of the units TO and requirements.

Since you are still in school you may try to contact your unit that you are ordered to and ask your question.:evilgrin: