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04-03-03, 01:19 PM
:marine: "My Marine, My Son"

I remember well the day you were born;
It was fall, leaves pretty, it was warm.
I was filled with fear, and apprehension;
But when you arrived no one had to mention
That you would one day draw much attention
For all the good and mighty deeds you've done,
All the personal battles fought and won.
You will NEVER know my pride for you, my son!

While you ventured through the jungle of life,
Facing it's many joys and it's strife's,
I soon realized there was nothing to fear,
For God's greatest blessings are yours through the years.
The only thing wasted have been all my tears;
Having watched you grow up into a man full of pride.
For now those huge footsteps you take with such stride
Are the steps of a man with that child inside.

I still envision him in your voice when you speak,
In the laughter, the smile, the way your mouth tweaks.
There's that childish sparkle behind those bright eyes
And the way we both look at the same bright blue skies.
I cherish those phone calls and dread saying good-byes.
It lightens my heart and gladdens my day
To hear that, "Hello Mom", in your own special way.
It tells me you're with me in spirit to stay.

Love is eternal, forever together we'll be,
Mother/son relationship is special and free,
To be given and taken, shared and enjoyed,
A mother forever and her special young boy.
The past we'll remember with our own special joy.
Then you went and grew up and joined the Marines.
They turned you into a U.S. fighting machine.
You'll just never know what exactly I mean....

All mothers, we share the very same fears-
That one day we'll share just too many tears,
Of the grief and the pain of losing one of our own,
Who we had so willed he'd have just stayed at home;
Protected and safe in his own little dome.
But you heard the cry, 'Oohrah, Semper Fi'
And had to attend boot camp, South Carolina, P.I.
My sweet little boy grew up and became my GI.

Now here we all stand tall, free, and brave;
Praying no Marine Mother must face a grave
Of a fallen son or daughter, of one of our own;
That Peace rule the Earth, that we're never alone
Without our Marine, without Freedom we'll atone
For the sins of the world we must not take for granted.
Together we all stand, and we must be UNITED,
All Countries, All Peoples, one World, One Giant!
To a Special Young Man,

My Son, Lcpl. Greg A. Dague
Diane M. Weller, Mom




My son joined the Marine's today;
They're going to send him far away.
For his safe return I will pray;
That home again he'll come to stay.

From family, friends--everyone,
His adulthood has begun.
They're going to arm him with a gun
And offer medals to be won.

I remember back when he was born;
My walls, refrigerator he'd adorn,
And half his dinner would be worn.
Now, from my arms he is torn.

I shed the tears of many mothers,
Fathers, sisters, spouses, brothers,
And many more of countless others.
May peace remain for one another.

We ask for peace around the world,
For all God's children--boy or girl.
But if a battle should unfurl,
"All accounted for and safe, sir" shall be heard.

A game no more is war to play.
For safe return of all I pray,
Protect and keep them safe to stay,
To live and love yet another day.

Written for my son, Lcpl. Gregory A. Dague, on Wednesday, 06 Sept., 2000 by his Mighty Marine Momma, me! And for all Military Mothers, near and far, who have to somehow let go...
This poem is actually the words of God, Almighty, merely typed by me.


With Much Love and Many, MANY Prayers,
Gunny Di'ane Weller
American Angel 1957
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