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10-21-07, 03:10 PM
My wife often bakes outstanding chocolate chip cookies. As I watch her follow the direction on her recipe; I began to woder if there is a recipe for making a Marine. This is what I came up with.

1 cup desire to serve their country.
1 cup of heart,
1 cup of persistence
1 cup of determination

Sift thoroughly to make sure there are no can'ts.

Add 1 cup of focus and desire to achieve a goal
Add 1 cup of physical prowess
Add 1 cup of aggression and 1 cup of compassion measured evenly

Add 4 cups hard corps drill instructors. *
* Parris Island or San Diego optional
Have drill instructors take ingredients, knead briskly. Stretch, mold and shape over and over again. Put in 1000% effort for when these ingredients fall apart.

Add 5 cups but chewings
1 -4 cups quarterdeck as needed
6 cups drilling
4-6 cups class work
1 cup crucible divided into three day portions.
1 cup gas chamber
1 cup infiltration course
4-5 cups long marches.

If needed give 1-2 cups extra heart by personal example.
Add in 1 cup confidence, with 1 cup humility.
Add in 1 cup honor
Add 1 cup courage with stories of Marines of old.

Add 3 cups commitment.

Use additional heating.

Trim off uneven edges.

After 11 weeks, your Marine should be ready.

For additional refinement add MCT training at either Camp Pendleton or Camp Lejeune.

Voila, there you have it; the recipe for a Marine.

Additional refining may be done as needed in Iraq or Afganistan

10-21-07, 03:19 PM
Hit the nail on the head, outstanding recipe for a Marine!


10-23-07, 09:43 AM
Jarhead88 you are a budding author. In my next business venture I want to start a media company. Maybe we can collaborate and get some of the stories out in the world regarding the Marines, since 1775.....

In the short term I was thinking of something like a tv show about the Leatherneck board:D


10-23-07, 12:33 PM

so true