View Full Version : SNCO allegedly snatches UA Marine at gunpoint

10-10-07, 07:10 PM
SNCO allegedly snatches UA Marine at gunpoint
By Trista Talton - Staff writer
Posted : Wednesday Oct 10, 2007 18:11:06 EDT

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — He’s got a ticket to ride, and his staff sergeant don’t care.

The bus stop was apparently the last stop for a junior Marine allegedly in an unauthorized absence status, once the staff sergeant on duty tracked him down. The staff sergeant allegedly left his duty post, drove to the Bus Station Express in Jacksonville, pulled his weapon on a lance corporal and forced him back to Camp Lejeune, according to a Jacksonville Police Department spokesman, who could offer few additional details.

“It’s still under investigation,” said Capt. Gary Dixon, a spokesman for JPD.

Most details about the Oct. 4 incident, including the names of the two Marines, are being withheld by police and the Corps pending the investigation.

Lt. Col. Curtis Hill, a II Marine Expeditionary Force spokesman, confirmed the staff sergeant was working as a duty staff noncommissioned officer with 10th Marines at the time of the alleged incident, and the lance corporal was the duty driver.

It is “too early to determine” what kind of punishment, if any, either Marine might face, Hill wrote in an e-mail.