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Super Dave
04-01-03, 01:25 PM
Marines search for fallen comrade
From correspondents in southern Iraq
April 01, 2003

US Marines moved into the southern Iraqi town of Shatrah today to recover the body of a dead comrade which had been hanged in the town square, officers said.

Hundreds of troops were dispatched on the operation after intelligence reports indicated the body of a dead American, who was killed in a firefight last week, had been paraded through the streets and hanged in public.

"We would like to retrieve the body of the marine but it is not our sole purpose," said Lieutenant-Colonel Pete Owen, of the First Marine Expeditionary Force.

Military sources said another part of the operation was to arm local militias to fight against members of the ruling Baath party loyal to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Shatrah is some 40km north of Nasiriyah, where Iraqi forces have been harassing US supply lines and putting up tough resistance for more than a week.


04-01-03, 01:28 PM
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