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04-01-03, 09:29 AM
He I live in Belgium, and I am not proud on it.

When the USA asked Belgium for support the war, the Belgian government say together with France: Go to Hell, we are anti war. The government want to send aide the Iraq.
But at the same time they have send some people to the USA to ask US Company’s to invest in Belgium, to provide work for the Belgian workers. You have guts or not.
Now I say to the US Company’s, do the same as the Belgian Government, let them go to Hell.
I drive a truck for living, every night I go from Brussel tor Paris for a US Parcel Company. On the road I meet very much cars with poster on, Stop the war, Stop Bush.
Well as respons I have placed on the side of my truck a poster with a US Falg, a US Soldier in combat BDU and the text Support the US Soldiers.
Result: they are wery much people that look angry at me, make signs, I not care I give them the finger.
My boss say to me, you are crazy, you go get in trouble. I told him, if they want trouble they can get it.
I am ashamed to be a Belgian citizen.
To all US Marines keep it save. And if you meet Saddam kick him in the bottom.
Come home well and safe to your love ones.
God bless you all.

04-01-03, 11:10 AM
Do not be ashamed to be a citizen, but you can be ashamed of your politicians.

And be assured the US Marines and/or US Army will put a made in the USA boot to Saddam.

04-01-03, 11:47 AM

GunnerMike said it all......Be proud of who you are.....We might not agree with all our gov't does......but you are stating how you feel.....Just be safe......

The Drifter

04-01-03, 01:21 PM
Not many are crazy enough to mess with a truck driver with attitude! Thank you for your words of support.

This does bring up a good point. When we do put the boot to Saddam himself, are we going to deliver him to the Hague? Or keep him on ice in Gitmo?

04-02-03, 02:22 PM
Gunnermike said exactly what I was thinking when I read this post. Don't be ashamed because your country has taken a stance against the war. Stand up for what you believe…

I don't even have anything against the protesters as long as they take a valid stance. The reason I was served in the Marines was to protect these rights… The reason I am debating going back is because I love these rights… Where I have a problem is when they go too far like the guy in San Fran holding the sign that said "We support our troops when they shoot their officers" RIGHT after the Soldier killed his officers!!! OR when the French people desecrated a WW I English/Canadians/Australian cemetery dedicated to the men and women that fought and died for their freedoms.

I will never respect those traitors...

04-02-03, 04:54 PM
Well said, by all. A song a few years ago stated;

"... you have to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything'

And I have to think if there is ONE Belgian with guts, maybe there's another, and another...

Thanks for the post, and the support.