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Phantom Blooper
10-02-07, 07:00 PM
"Still In Lebanon "

Got on a ship in Morehead City and got off in Lebanon. I walked in to a diff'rent world, a past forever gone.

I could have gone to Canada or I could have stayed in school,
but I was brought up diff'rently. I couldn't break the rules.

Six months and fifteen days, the last ones were the worst.
One minute I'd kneel down and pray and the next I'd stand and curse.

No place to run to where I did not feel that war. When I got home, I stayed alone and checked behind each door. 'Cause I'm still in Lebanon, still in Lebanon. I am still in Lebanon, in my mind.

The ground at home was covered with snow and I was covered with sweat. My younger brother calls me a Jarhead and my daddy calls me a vet.

Ev'rybody says I'm someone else, that I'm sick and there's no cure. Damned if I know who I am. There was only one place I was sure, when I was still in, Lebanon still in. Lebanon I am still in, Lebanon in my mind.

Ev'ry summer when it rains I smell the ocean, I hear the choppers. Can't tell no one, I feel ashamed, afraid someday I'll go insane.

That's been twenty four long years ago and time has gone on by. But now and then I catch myself, eyes searching through the sky.

All the sounds of long ago will be forever in my head. Mingled
with the wounded's cries and the silence of the dead. 'Cause I'm still in, Lebanon still in Lebanon. I am still in Lebanon, in my mind.

Yes, I'm still in Lebanon in my mind.

Still in Lebanon.


10-02-07, 07:24 PM
We are all somewhere else, My Bro. That is why we are here.

10-02-07, 09:34 PM
So well written that it will awake the haunting memory of many Marines of their "somewhere"!

10-03-07, 03:30 AM
Tell you the truth Bro, never been there never done that. But it gives me a sense on why my trainers were so hard on me. There were there, and I am a better man for it.

Semper Fi