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The Marine Security Force Company maintains a high level of readiness at NSB Kings Bay

By MC2(AW/NAC) Will Tonacchio, Periscope staff

After the devastation of 9/11, all waterfront civilian security jobs were removed and filled with personnel from the Marine Security Force Company. The official mission statement of Marine Corps Security Forces (MCSF) Head Quarters in Norfolk, Va. is to detect, deter, and defend against threats, focusing on antiterrorism. The mission at NSB King Bay for the MCSF is to provide security for national assets at Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic (SWFLANT) as approved by the Chief of Naval Operations. The Marines and Navy Master at Arms (MA) on Kings Bay do not see their mission as passive protection, but rather as if they are setting a trap for any foe entering their area of responsibility. Every Marine and Navy MA attached to the MCSF is highly trained in counter surveillance, physical security operations, urban combat techniques and martial arts. They are also equipped with advanced security technology.

"Originally, the Marines were established to provide security for Navy ships and its crew," said Lt. Col Andy Murray, commanding officer of the MCSF Company Kings Bay. "Now our mission has expanded greatly to encompass Strategic Weapons Facility security."

Most of what the MCSF does is classified and cannot be discussed, but the MCSF is not only about Strategic Weapons Facility security and Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Teams. They also provide close quarters combat teams (CQB) and orientation training for their new personnel.

According to the Sgt. Maj. John Gilstrap, the base needed a way to incorporate the Navy and Marines into one organized and efficient unit; the MCSF's orientation program does just that.

"Through a four-week orientation period, Marines and MAs learn the skills required to do their job," Gilstrap said. "Working hand-and-hand, the two branches learn to think and act the same with one mission: strategic weapons facility security."

To be a part of the CQB team, Marines go through a rigorous selection process just to get the option to advance to the CQB training. According to Gunnery Sgt. Charley New, once selected, those Marines are then sent to a CQB school where they will again go through extreme training to weed out individuals so the "Best of the Best" will be selected to join CQB teams back at their commands.

"We are not there yet. We are not at the point where we can kick up our feet and say the integration of this new Navy and Marine command is complete," New said. "We still have a little ways to go, but our challenges have not in any way impacted our ability as a company to meet and exceed our mission requirements."