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The Lucom Plan: Use the Neutron Bomb
Wilson C. Lucom
Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2001
Here is the Lucom Plan to save the United States from being destroyed as a great nation by worldwide terrorism. It could also save your life if the terrorists struck in your neighborhood.
President Bush and Congress must realize the very survival of the United States as a great nation is now at stake. The United States will not survive unless President Bush and Congress take action now before there is another terrorist strike. This could be one of the last strikes against the U.S.

How could the terrorists accomplish this final tall order? They could strike Boulder Dam, causing a huge power shortage. Even more deadly would be poisoning the water supply of New York City with the lethal bacterium anthrax. It is not widely known that anthrax is a silent, deadly killer. One hundred million lethal doses per gram (a teaspoonful) is 100,000 times more deadly than the most deadly chemical warfare weapon. (Time Almanac, 2001)

Anthrax could easily kill up to 6 or 7 million people in New York City alone, which would cause the stock market to lose another trillion dollars and plunge the United States into a depression. The U.S. would be finished as a great nation. An anthrax attack may be the next planned strike on the U.S. and it would be disastrous. It is reported that Osama bin Laden, Iraq, Iran, Libya and North Korea have anthrax. This is the deadly reason why terrorists must be stopped before they strike with anthrax.

Part 1 of Lucom Plan

Instead of being "politically correct," President Bush must be like the great Harry Truman, who was "politically incorrect" in having the courage to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, immediately ending World War II and saving thousands of American soldiers' lives. President Bush must immediately drop the neutron bomb, ending the terrorist war immediately. He must drop the neutron bomb instead of allowing the war to continue, which would keep his high approval ratings but let hundreds of thousands of American soldiers be killed unnecessarily.

Psychologically, the threat of an action is almost as effective as the action itself. Bush should at least threaten to use the neutron bomb to isolate the nations that protect terrorism from the nations that support the United States.

President Bush has to have foresight, or the U.S. is lost forever. He has to choose to be a great president like Harry Truman and drop the neutron bomb, saving thousands of American soldiers' lives. He must not waste more precious time trying to build a weak coalition of those nations that support the United States in name only. They do not support the U.S. with their military forces, which means they will strongly oppose attacking any nations that harbor terrorists.

President Bush does not need the consent of the U.N. or any Arab nations in a coalition to defend the U.S. against terrorist attack. President Bush must defend the U.S. first before any more terrorist attacks can occur. This is why the Lucom Plan must be used. The more Bush delays, attempting to build the tenuous coalition, the more time he gives the terrorists for more attacks on the U.S. It is believed that the State Department is giving Bush bad advice, not the Department of Defense.

How can you stop this terrorism? Join our movement to get President Bush and Congress to use the Lucom Plan. The Lucom Plan would put an end to terrorism not just in one country but wherever it exists. Neutron-bomb them first – before they attack the U.S. again. Otherwise the war against terrorism could continue for 10 years at great cost to the United States in huge war taxes and the loss of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers' lives. This must be avoided. It is hoped Bush wants to save these soldiers' lives. Truman did!

To exist, terrorism needs a country from which it can operate and in which it can be protected. This delay gives the terrorists enough time to kill millions of Americans and eventually destroy the United States. President Bush must first hold a public war trial in the United States, charging all terrorists, either by name or as John and Jane Doe, as being evil and condemning them to death. The terrorists, after all, condemned to death without a trial over 6.000 Americans in the Twin Towers terrorist attack. If another terrorist attack appears imminent, Bush must use the neutron bomb without waiting for the trial to end.

President Bush must tell any country harboring and protecting the terrorists that they are condemned to death and the U.S. demands their immediate extradition to carry out the death sentence. Otherwise, the terrorists will strike again. Bush must tell any harboring country that if it refuses to turn over the terrorists it is collaterally guilty with the terrorists, and the United States will immediately drop the neutron bomb on it until it no longer exists as a nation. This is what Harry Truman would have done. This takes leadership in the best interest of the U.S., not the followership of the Arab nations.

The United States will drop the neutron bomb on all nations that harbor terrorists. It is far cheaper and will cost far fewer lives of American troops than a ground war. Not one American soldier would be killed. The harboring country would be bombed as Japan was bombed. If Iraq or another terrorist-supporting country was bombed, the other harboring countries would get the message and oust all terrorists, leaving them nowhere to go. They would be turned over to the U.S. for carrying out the death sentence or cease to operate. Even if not turned over, they would have no home base to gather and plan future attacks, so they would be out of business. The Lucom Plan is the most competent, efficient way to end terrorism in a short time – wherever it exists.

Part 2 of Lucom Plan

If President Bush wants to simultaneously try a nonviolent plan (because Gen. Powell said war is evil and all nonviolent ways must first be tried), here is the Worldwide Organized Voters Ending War Nonviolent Plan.

President Bush and Congress should offer $1 billion for the capture of Osama bin Laden and any other terrorist leaders. A protracted war could cost up to $500 billion. World War II, at today's prices, cost $486 billion, with over 1 million American soldiers killed and injured. What a horrible cost! Compared to $486 billion, this billion-dollar reward is minute. It is a very small amount to the U.S. government, whose 2001 annual budget is $1.3 trillion. The U. S. government can easily offer this billion-dollar reward for the capture of terrorists. Even if five terrorist leaders were caught, it is still a minute amount to pay out compared to $500 billion a protracted war could cost.

President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Congress are absolutely against offering such a large reward, but they are very wrong. Such a huge reward would shorten any war considerably, saving hundreds of thousands of American soldiers' lives. President Bush and Congress must try to save the lives of American soldiers by offering the billion-dollar reward.

Osama bin Laden has laid a clever trap for President Bush. He wants Bush to use American troops. This is pitting Christian non-Muslim infidels against Muslin troops, uniting the Muslim countries against the United States and probably starting World War III. Bush can evade this bin Laden trap by hiring or else supplying Muslim troops like Afghanistan's Northern Military Alliance. He should supply them with guns, ammunition, Stingers and other war equipment to defeat the Taliban. Thus, Bush will have evaded the bin Laden trap by having Muslims fighting against Muslims. The $1 billion reward would really motivate them.

It is reported there are over 200,000 Iranian soldiers on the border of Afghanistan because Iran worries that Afghanistan might use the guided missiles it is developing against Iran. If the billion-dollar reward were also offered to these Iranian troops, Osama bin Laden and other terrorists would soon be caught.

In this nonviolent way, up to 1 million American soldiers will not be killed or injured. This is why the nonviolent Plan should be tried simultaneously with the violent Plan. Either way, under the Lucom Plan the United States ends the terrorist war soon.

If Bush delays too long consulting the U.N. and possible future Arab enemies by trying to build a tenuous coalition, kiss the United States goodbye as a great nation. President Bush has been reacting instead of vigorously, determinedly acting in the best interest of the United States. Terrorism must be stopped before it can again attack the United States. The Lucom Plan does this. Voters should contact their senators and congressmen urging the adoption of the Lucom Plan, including the billion-dollar reward offered by the president.

Wilson C. Lucom is a former assistant to U.S. Secretary of State Stentenius.

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Israel Planning Preventive Strike?

LONDON, ENGLAND, February 28, 2001 (Web Today)—The Internet was all abuzz late last week over a story printed at the DEBKA website, indicating all-out war nearly came to the Middle East last Thursday morning.

Now, there are independent claims that incoming Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon may be planning to avert a calamitous Iraqi missile strike against his country by staging a series of preventive air incursions into western Iraq.

According to the item published in last weekend’s "Sunday Times," the assault was to include the use of neutron bombs and would apparently be directed against missile launching facilities containing weapons of mass destruction.

Orders for the attack were allegedly delivered by Sharon to IDF Chief of Staff Shaoul Mofaz.

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A little more radical than I like, but....

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Point 1 in the IDF Doctrine: Israel cannot afford to lose a single war.

(Talk about a properly motivated group!)