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Roberto T. Cast
03-31-03, 05:20 AM
What am I to do? I am a Vietnam veteran, and I have a relative, to be more precise, the son of my niece, lied and was let out of the Army (of one) about three weeks ago. He did not want to go to war. From what I know, is that he and wife were at his duty station in Colorado and he stated to the Army that his wife left him and that she abandoned his two children and he had to care for them. (His wife never left him). It took about a month for the paper work to be process and for the Army to let him go. In the mean time he was home with his wife and kids and getting paid.
Should I approached him and let him know what a coward he is? It make me real mad and angry to cross path with him. He lives next door with his mother and I feel I should move. He lied to other relatives that he hurt his back and that is why he is out. Or should I go and SMACK to let him know that I know the truth.
Hell, an army of one, maybe that just it, an army of one. Get the hell out whenever you want. It make me wander just how many armies of one the Army of One has. My blood boils with anger and emberrasment when I see him. He knows I am a Vietnam veteran. If anybody knows or heard of a poem or a song about coward, let me know.
SEMPER-FI - "marine"

03-31-03, 06:08 AM
Call his C.O. If there's no civilian paperwork....legal paperwork...

On the other hand, check his 214. Maybe he's not telling the truth at all. His C.O. mighta had other reasons than the kid is lettin' on. Some sort of BCD maybe? Section 8 moves about that quick as well.

In any case, ya can't trust the kid with anything now. If he can't tell the truth.....

Something doesn't seem at all right about this. It don't add up to me.

03-31-03, 07:06 AM
Geez Louise..
What the hell is the ARMY teaching...lying and stealing?

I would have him in front of his command in no time. What is that saying about your family if you overlook his actions?


P.S. What is the Army motto?

Fox 2/23
03-31-03, 03:42 PM
If there was a chance that the Army would take him and send him to Iraq, I would say let it go because someone like that would get good Soldiers killed. If not then I would turn him in.

03-31-03, 03:48 PM
He is a Poem......that was placed in the Vietnam Forum a whil ago....




03-31-03, 06:24 PM

Every situation can be viewed in three simple terms:

Accept it, change it, or leave it.

Use it, fix it, or get rid of it.

There are no other alternatives.

A thousand emotions can come into play. Hate, love, anger, pain, frustration, fear, laughing, crying, whining, self-pity, guilt, innocence, denial, blame, could have, should have, would have, and a thousand variations which distort the basic situation.

Here it is. What do I do about IT. Accept it, change it, or leave it. Use it, fix it, or get rid of it.

Do nothing, and the situation remains the same, until and unless someone ELSE decides to change it. You may or may not like the changes. Then you are back to square one. Accept it, change it, or leave it.

What many of us fail to take into consideration is that changing or leaving, fixing or getting rid of, creates another situation, where we are faced with the same three alternatives.

Common sense says that we should not create a bigger problem for ourselves when we try to resolve an existing one.

Believe it or not, but I answered you question the best way I knew how.

"What should I do?" "What is the best solution for me?" They are YOUR questions, and only YOU can answer them.

Others can suggest what "could" be done, but never forget, you're the one who pays the bill.

Semper Fi

03-31-03, 08:22 PM
I think your right on this one firssgtmike, and sometime the bill is not worth the satisfaction, think it thru Roberto, and then do what is best in your situation,remember this will start arguments in the entire family, maybe as bones,says, go to records and check it out first, then make the deceison, at this time its possiable there are other reasons, look before your leap, if you are wrong, it can never be righted,when you find out for sure, then do as you feel best. I had heard it takes 90 days to git a hardship on grounds like that, course I could be wrong in this day and age.:o