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09-25-07, 04:56 AM
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The real cost of relocating <br />
Monday September 24, 1:05 pm ET <br />
By Donna Rosato, Money Magazine senior writer <br />
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Greg Allan, 38, an officer in the Marines, and his wife Laurie, 39, a marketing...

10-28-11, 08:26 AM
The only advice I can give you, is to live below your means. If you're insistent on living a certain life style you will never be able to save enough money to invest, which means you will continue to live paycheck to paycheck consistently.

You don't need a house, you can live in an apartment, you don't need an SUV, you can buy a smart car, you don't need new clothes every month etc.

10-28-11, 09:51 AM
This thread is over four years old

07-30-12, 12:01 AM
This thread is old. but it has useful information and advice in terms of relocating.