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The Enemy
07:51 Thursday, September 20, 2007
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Michael Y sends the link to this post by a Combat Medic at Far From Perfect...

I just returned from about three days (I lose track of time here) of continuous patrols and raids, so this post will be brief. However, I thought it important to share with the handful of readers I have, and maybe a few others what our enemy is really made of. I keep reading reports and seeing news broadcasts where the anti-war movement is describing the terrorists/insurgents as freedom fighters and patriots. They liken them to our own ancestors during the Revolution, fighting for their own country against an “oppressive occupying force” determined to shove their ideology down the throats of Iraq. Well, there is a big difference between the two. Let me describe a couple of the guys we rounded up lately.

The first was a target we had been looking for. He was pretty high on the most wanted list. We rounded him up in some raids with a group of other people. He was caught wearing women’s clothes and trying to skirt out. He was acting suspicious for a woman, and I bet the big mustache didn’t help either. Anyway, why would he do this? Because he knows that coalition forces attempt to respect the Muslim culture and not search women directly if possible. We usually bring women with us to do the searches, if necessary, to avoid hurting Muslim women’s dignity. As a last resort, if necessary, we will get the husband or another Muslim woman on the premises to do the search under supervision. So he figured he would just be able to skirt out unsuspected by acting as a woman and playing to our sensitivities. Lucky for us, someone had a sharp eye.

The second man is even worse in my opinion. The IA raided his house and found several weapons, including a sniper rifle. They were initially unable to locate the man as they searched the house, but eventually found him. He was hiding under a blanket in the corner, using children as a cover and shield. The children were evacuated and the man arrested.

These are the kinds of “freedom fighters” the anti-war people are supporting. Cowards who hide behind children and dress as women to avoid capture.

Sorry if this post seems a bit rambling, but I am exhausted. I just had to get it down before I passed out.