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07-21-02, 04:08 PM
I was just wondering how you have to travel when getting to a new duty station. I know that my parents are picking me up from Parris Island in November but as far as getting to MCT and eventually California for my MOS school I was wondering whether or not I am going to have to pay for all of that. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

07-22-02, 04:12 AM
The Government will pay for your travel. However when you go to MCT. You have to show up at your own expense but they will reimburse you at a later time. Form MCT to your MOS school they will buy you your ticket there. And from school to your duty station they will buy your ticket there as well.

07-31-02, 07:57 AM
You get paid to travel from one duty assignment to another. The Corps calculates the mileage and you are paid to travel from duty station to next assignment. If you go on leave during travel, you are not being paid for that portion of travel, nor any other travel that is not considered "official business."