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09-13-07, 02:41 PM
Blackfive TV- Ardolino Testifies from Fallujah
Posted By Uncle Jimbo


In a strange juxtaposition, I did an interview with Bill Ardolino from INDC Journal while Gen. Petraeus was testifying to Congress yesterday. The weird part was they both told the same story about how bad things were in Fallujah even this January, when Bill was there before. They called the police station Fort Apache and the police never left it and were often attacked in it. Then the Marines surged in and started setting the example and eventually patrols began to happen. But let's hear him talk about it.

I cut off his answer to my quesition about whether we had bribed the Sunni Sheikhs to pacify Anbar. He replied that it could be condsidered bribery if fixing people's water, and sewage and power and basic amenities of life was bribery. Otherwise it was a partnership against AQI and to enable them to improve the quality of life for their people.

It would be hard to get a better validation of Gen. Petraeus' testimony and Bill had seen none of it as he had spent the previous days with the Iraqi police and Marines in downtown Fallujah. Make sure to read Bill's interview with an Iraqi interpreter at The Long War Journal.

Matt spent some time with Buzz Patterson and Debbie Lee as the Move America Forward caravan hit Chicago last night.

If you like hearing from Bill and soon from Bill Roggio who is currently reporting with 3ID Task Force Marne consider donating tax-deductiblly to Public Multimedia who is sponsoring the trips.

Iraqi interpreter at The Long War Journal.