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09-08-07, 11:24 AM
ok my husband is currently in iraq with 3rd assult amphibious battlion bravo company he has asked me to look for his cousin Cpl shawn branscum and i have no idea how to start looking he wants to know what unit his cousin is with and where he is at cpl branscum is a reservist last we knew he was in la when hurricain katrina came though and no we cannot find him please help it would mean alot to my husband as you may have read his company has had some kia's and he is worried about his cousin thank you jenn

Phantom Blooper
09-08-07, 11:39 AM
My first inclination would be to start with Cpl.Branscum's mother your husbands aunt.Doesn't his mother know where he is at? This would be a good starting point.:evilgrin:

09-08-07, 11:45 AM
no that side of the family doesn't keep in touch with us

09-08-07, 01:33 PM
Then your husband should take the first step and start there or give you the info to get it done for him. I know if I were worried about someone in my family and was trying to locate them, I wouldn't let bad family history hold me back from looking - all wounds heal in time, what may have seemed bad a long time ago may not be so bad now. Good luck in your search.

09-09-07, 08:10 AM
In addition to trying to contact his parents, I think you can start yourself with the Marine Locator on the official USMC site. I used that once and it gave me enough information to get to the next level of information. Since you say he's a reservist pick up the horn and dial the base/unit where he's at. A little persistence goes a long way in something like this. Or you could Google him. Put his full name in the Google box and see what pops up, you'd be surprised. I would try and find as much information as you can about the unit he's in, and then Google it to get exact location and/or more specifics, and then work off that. If you have a complete name, rank, location, and job specialty then I bet you can find him in hours, maybe not hours on a Sunday but tomorrow. Good luck.

09-09-07, 12:56 PM
Your husband can find his location by using MOL. I looked up Cpl shawn Branscums name and he is listed on it. Every Marine has access to MOL. Hope that helps.

09-09-07, 03:02 PM
Quickest way is to contact the red cross. If your Husband is worried and he is deployed, They will find him and get word back to you.

06-06-09, 10:34 PM
I know branscum and his whole family, I went to HS with him in Cabot and college at OBU. Then I went to Iraq with him. He is fine, serving the Lord in Kansas city. Email me for his info. Adamykim@gmail.com if u r still looking for him.