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09-08-07, 09:56 AM
Locally honoring global sacrifice
Glenview set to unveil monument to those who served in the U.S. armed forces

By Andrew Schroedter
Special to the Tribune

September 8, 2007

The Glenview Freedom Memorial is still a work in progress, but supporters of the tribute to the nation's military never wavered about holding the dedication ceremony on Sept. 11.

"It was a date we all felt strongly about and wanted to make happen," said Karen Benedetto, a member of the Glenview Freedom Memorial Committee. "Everyone can come and celebrate our freedom because it's a day we need to remember."

Friends and family of Cpl. Brian Kennedy and Cpl. Christopher Zimny -- both Marines and Glenview natives who were killed in Iraq -- developed the 2,200-square-foot memorial at Gallery Park, near Patriot and Navy Boulevards.

"They'd both be proud," said Marc Hans, a friend of the two Marines. "The biggest thing was that they wanted to give back to their country."

Glenview already has displayed a veterans memorial plaque in its downtown. The new space celebrates all military personnel, not just those who died, and their efforts to protect our nation's freedom, Benedetto said.

When completed in spring the memorial will feature service and American flags, two benches, a brick walkway with donor names, and Berhle Hubbuch's sculpture of a U.S. soldier and child gazing at "The Final Roll Call," a military symbol to commemorate fallen soldiers.

Hubbuch, an Ohio artist, will attend Tuesday's 6:30 p.m. ceremony but his statue will not be ready. Its completion was among the delays the project encountered as the five-person committee -- composed of Kennedy's and Zimny's family and friends -- worked to raise the $100,000 needed to finish the work.

A village spokesman said Glenview donated $48,520 toward the $150,000 project.

"I think it's a fitting tribute," said Trustee Phil White. "You hope that as people pass through it they can stop, pause and think about those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to make us a free land."

For information, visit www.glenviewfreedommemorial.com.