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09-05-07, 09:38 AM
Once my husband is done with MCT in Jacksonville, NC he will be sent straight to his school in 29 Palms, Ca. When he gets there does he get a small break like he did between Basic Graduation and MCT? Because the plan is, is that once he gets to 29 Palms he want to fly me out there to live near base, but I have no idea what is the best way to do it.:usmc:

09-05-07, 10:19 AM
Congratulations to you both!

Rather than mis-inform you, the best answer is to have your Marine find out the exact details of his next assignments. I remember going directly to MOS school following MCT, the next day actually. Things may have changed since my time, and his orders will also reflect his married status as his duty stations change. By know he should know how ask his NCO's and Admin how things will proceed and get answers.

I think he will be offered annual leave following his MOS school, before proceeding to the first permanent duty station. FYI - Just because his school is at 29 Palms, doesn't necessarily mean his first permanent duty station will be there, although it may well be. The duration of his assignment / school will also reflect how his orders are geared towards family movements and PCS orders.

The good news is that after this initial phase of boot camp, MCT, MOS school, you should have more information well in advance and/or know better how to get info - things are not so cloudy, generally speaking.

Good luck!

09-05-07, 12:17 PM
While in his MOS school in 29 Palms, he will be granted liberty, but will be required to live in the barracks and there is a curfew for students. 29 Palms is a little expensive. Your husband does rate BAQ which will help offset your living expenses. I would go online and check the availability of off base housing before you move there. Good Luck

Zulu 36
09-05-07, 12:42 PM
In the "Old Corps," after I graduated from ITR, I went straight to my school, also aboard Camp Pendleton. I then spent the next two-weeks on mess duty waiting for my class start date.

Only my father's death got me out of mess duty, nothing else would have, probably not even my own death ("Keep my chow line movin', Prives."). My class started the day after I returned from emergency leave, so most of the guys in my group spent almost a month on mess duty.

But dem was da' (good) old days. An NCO had some clout with a threat of 30-days of mess duty then. The First Sergeant was always on the lookout for 8-Balls begging for mess duty and he happily took suggestions from the corporals and sergeants. :marine:

09-05-07, 01:53 PM

Please note that Gunny Bollenbach used the word liberty here, not leave. Annual leave is aka vacation time. Liberty is quittin' time at the end of the day. Usually he will have nights and weekends off, but that is not automatic, and as the Gunny pointed out, he will likely be required to sleep in the barracks through school.

09-05-07, 02:22 PM
Thank you guys. It's just learning to be a marine wife is hard. No one right now is willing to help me get these things figured out. My husband doens't have time to figure out when to get me out to 29 palms and where to live. I just need help with all this.

09-05-07, 03:02 PM
Your Husband Will Fill You In....
Just Not on YOUR Terms....

He is Learning to Become the Best Marine He Can...

You Need to Be Strong for Him...


09-05-07, 03:02 PM
Your hubby is getting acclimated to a whole new system as well, and may not yet know what to do or to tell you. See if he has met some Marines in his MCT and MOS school unit who also have wives like you. Marine wives have a huge network of information and ideas, and he may be able to dig up some email addresses for you to meet them. Just an idea...

09-05-07, 03:22 PM
Try this link.


Just remember it is dry heat.

09-05-07, 03:44 PM
Here is another link.


09-05-07, 03:53 PM
Thanks, I may need to check back in when Aaron starts to wrap up MCT. Because I don't think any of these people will hold a place for a month.

SSgt Blue
09-05-07, 04:47 PM
My advice, wait until he is done with his MOS school. Is he a Com Marine or do you know? This is why. Depending on his MOS he might turn right around and leave the Stumps and go to Camp Pen or back east. Also, his orders might state that he is not accompanied; you need to take that into account when thinking about moving. You best bet is to wait it out until he get to his permanent duty station. I was lucky when I left SOI all I did was go right up the road to Horn to ¼.

09-05-07, 05:06 PM
Thats 6 months! No thanks, I can't handle being away from my husband again. I love him to much.