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07-20-02, 10:14 PM
Pretty good read, seems as though the B-52 will be retired soon. Kinda nice to know the Corps will have Heavy air support anywhere in the world. Seems as though the way the world is going we are running out of allies to provide us with airbases.

"U.S. bombers are aging: The newest B-52 is 40 years old, and the B-1 is a complex, maintenance-heavy plane designed in the early 1970s. Many military experts believe it's time to revitalize the worn-out bomber fleet.The FB-22 could be the answer. A midsize bomber, it would inherit the F-22's ability to fly higher and faster than other comparable planesóup to 1,200 mph at 60,000 feetóbut would have longer legs and a bigger weapons load."