View Full Version : Saturdaynight Motivation..Courtesy of GySgt Hartman...FMJ

07-20-02, 08:49 PM
Click on the WAV------->

07-23-02, 04:30 PM
That's a good one "Blood". How about this - - - > http://new.wavlist.com/movies/262/fmj-pukes.wav

07-23-02, 06:52 PM
Pull the Full Metal Jacket tape out of the movie library and throw some popcorn in the microwave. Hey, invite some friends over and make a party out of it! Blanket party that is!!!! LOL

07-23-02, 07:54 PM
Yup thats a good one. I need to get FMJ on DVD now.Had it on VHS. Although this is not FMJ,this is a good one.Its by Col Jessup( AKA Jack Nickolson) in A Few Good Men....http://new.wavlist.com/movies/084/afgm-breakfast.wav