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08-27-07, 08:01 AM
My son is at Parris Island now and when he was recruited we were told that his MOS would be Presidential Security Detail. We were told that it was garenteed and he would be stationed in D.C. or Camp David. He is doing good in everything at boot camp and went through his screening and they told him that he had his appointment to the Detail. Then the next day they told him he was dropped because of a traffic ticket that he had before he enlisted. It was for expired tags and he went to court over it and the judge dropped it. It is a long story but it was ultimately the DMV's fault that he didn't have his tags. It is not even supposed to be on his record since it was dropped, so can this keep him out of the Presidential Securtiy Detail? Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Sgt Leprechaun
08-31-07, 02:57 AM
Hi Dad:

It's going to really depend. The first thing I'd *guess* on this, is "Did he tell the recruiter/background investigator about it?"

If he did, (Full disclosure) then it probably won't be an issue. (More on quotas and such later).

If he didn't, it's an "Integrity drop". (Remember, at MEPS and everywhere else, they tell you to spill it ALL. If he didn't, it's likely grounds for a DQ, even though he wasn't convicted. 'Lack of integrity'. Marines take that very, very, seriously).

I didn't realize that the Marine Corps was guaranteing this particular job slot, since it is not a specific MOS, but one assigned or volunteered for after School of Infantry. I could certainly be wrong on that, however.

Lastly, if he wasn't given all this in writing (David, detail, etc etc), then it wasn't 'guaranteed' no matter what the recruiter told him. He may have been guaranteed a chance to try out "pending approval and granting of TS clearance" etc.

SGT. Crist
09-06-07, 02:47 PM
I saw Marines dismissed for a lot less. They look into everything with the Marines going into that program. Remember that he is trying to get into a program dealing with the President of the US. Not knowing the specifics involving your son it is hard to say what happened. That and things have changed over the years concerning admittance into that program.

09-06-07, 04:49 PM
Get with your son's Recruiter. And with that Judge that dismissed the ticket. I hope it works out.