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07-20-02, 05:32 PM
It has to be

“Sands of Iwo Jima” with “In Harms Way” running a close second and “The Siege of Firebase Gloria” is definitely my favorite Nam Movie.

My Favorite line in a War Movie

It has to be Carol O’Connor in Kelley’s Hero’s

He plays a General in a rear area, and while he’s listening to the chatter between two of his units actually in combat, on the field radio, his aide tried to give him his breakfast,

He pushed the plate away and said, Don’t bother me now you idiot, Can’t you see I’ve got the Game on!!

Semper Fi

07-20-02, 05:45 PM
...Here are mine - In no particular order...

1) Sands of Iwo Jima
2) Saving Private Ryan
3) The Patriot
4) The Deer Hunter
5) Apocalypse Now


07-20-02, 05:52 PM
To Hell and Back..Yah!!! I Know!!!

07-20-02, 10:04 PM
Has to be Sands Of Iwo Jima, Flying Leathernecks, When we were Young, Saveing Pvt Ryan, Band of Brothers, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket (Boot Camp Part), Wind Talkers, Fighting Seabees, and Sgt York::D

07-20-02, 10:32 PM
Dad for as long as i can remember. Im partial to:

1) The Big Red One
2) Battle of the Bulge
3) Attack Force Z (Mel Gibson before he became Americanized)
4) Patton
5) Hamburger Hill
6) Platoon
7) Siege of FireBase Gloria
8) Sands of Iwo Jima (Sgt Stryker was one tough SOB)

I can name about 50 more, but lets leave some titles for the rest.

Sgt E

07-21-02, 01:12 AM
I cannot believe that none of you even bothered to mention Battle Cry. Not only was it one of the best books ever written (by a former Marine, Leon Uris) about the Marines of WWII, it was a great movie. It even followed the book pretty damn well. It also had real Marines playing the part of real Marines in training. Not too many times do you see a movie made in the 50's with a bunch of Jyreens flipping the bird at a bunch of their buddies. OUTSTANDING!

Yes, any movie with John Wayne is a must see, especially when he's playing the part of a Marine. Though the man did not serve in any of the armed forces, he was made an Honorary Marine so that he could wear the uniform correctly in the movies.

Another good one was Retreat Hell. One of the few movies about the Korean War. All round good movie though it's never received much TV time. Saw it years ago on a Saturday afternoon.

Many of the new ones are good too as they will use more of the lanuage and can show the violence and even the attitude (when they get it right) of the military. Sometimes I wish they'd do remakes of the old ones but then, sometimes it's best to leave a classic a classic.

Oh yeah, and no where in here (and it was required viewing for me in Boot Camp) did I see anyone even bothered to mention the D.I. with Jack Webb.

07-21-02, 01:25 AM
Yah, that's a good one,

Just thought of the ultimate, not a War Movie but definately a Marine Movie.

THE DI - staring Jack Webb - how the He!! can we forget this one, haven't seen it in Years. B&W and maybe already melted down.

THE DI a must see for any Marine who hasn't yet seen it.

07-21-02, 03:03 PM
1.) Patton (dad served under him in france)
2.) Black Hawk Down ( ok so it wasn't really all that close to the book and some of the soldiers stories but it was good)
3.) Saving Private Ryan (again dad was there)
4.) Hart's War
5.) Full Mtal Jacket (bootcamp only the story line kinda died when they left PI)
6.) Hamburger hill

07-21-02, 07:39 PM
Battle Cry.........Guadalcanal Diary...........Wake Island..........

Ain't seen to many Nam flicks I liked........FMJ's boot camp part was pretty good, ceptin their ain't no way you'd get off the rifle range with live ammo.....ceptin maybe shoved up yer azz by your DI.......

Platoon was about as real as Cinderella......ain't seen any other ones I don't think......The Nam scenes in "Forrest Gump" were pretty damn realistic....specially da bee's zippin round.....

07-22-02, 10:59 AM
It would have to be "Sands of Iwo Jima".

But anything with John Wayne ain't bad.

07-22-02, 12:27 PM

07-23-02, 10:23 PM
Battleground ,Halls of Montezuma and Sands of Iwo Jima



07-24-02, 06:19 AM
All of the above.

HOWEVER, I cant believe none of you mentioned prolly my favorite actor - Clint Eastwood in 'Heartbreak Ridge' - not what I would really call a 'war movie' - but what I do consider an accurate depiction of what a good old fashioned Marine Corps clusterf&@k is about.
Now that I think about it, I knew alot of Gunny's like that........

Semper FI


07-24-02, 03:21 PM
It would have to be the Sands of Iwo Jima, Saving Private Ryan, and the Siege of Firebase Gloria.
Semper Fi

07-24-02, 04:32 PM
My favorite move is "THE SANDS OF IWO JIMA".


07-24-02, 07:19 PM

Flying Leathernecks, Tora, Tora, Tora and Sands of Iwo jima is up there too.

Who couldn't love a John Wayne movie where he portrays a Marine??? LOL

07-24-02, 07:42 PM
A Walk in the Sun and Saving Private Ryan, best from start to finish.

07-25-02, 03:26 AM

My first post on this forum. Don't hassle me and bring me down. I'll get the hang of it.:D

In no order:

The Sands of Iwo
Sgt. York
The Great Santini....Stand By for a Fighter Pilot!!!!!!
I get a kick out of Gung Ho!

Semper Fi!