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08-16-07, 03:57 PM
Well everyone, I just got off the phone with my recruiter and he informed me that a UV Security Forces spot opened up and was wondering if I wanted to take it. Well of course I said yes, and my ship date is Monday. I was originally supposed to leave on 20071015, so this is definitely a surprise. I just thought that I would let all of you know. I know that no one around here knows me that well, but if anyone would like me to write them, just send me a pm with your address. I've got so much information out of everyone here and I want to thank everyone for that. Let's just say that I'm so glad that I found this website before I left for boot, haha. Anyways, good luck to all future shippers and to everyone else on this site.

Thanks again.

08-16-07, 04:12 PM
Gangway, Future Hollywood Marine! You'll have a good time on the sunny parade deck of MCRDSD. An even better time humping the hills of Camp Pendleton. ; )

Good luck, little brother. I PM'd you with my info.

08-16-07, 04:17 PM
Thanks man. And I'm sure humping those hills will be incredibly fun, haha.

And thanks for the info, I will definitely keep in touch and update you on how things go.

08-16-07, 05:19 PM
Good Luck Poolee Kegler!

Stay Motivated!

08-16-07, 09:31 PM
Good luck Pup, my info is in your PM box!

08-16-07, 11:02 PM
Thanks everyone for the support. I really appreciate it!

08-17-07, 04:36 AM
I'm not Catholic, but the week before I shipped in 1983 I got my high school buddy to take me to his Priest to get a blessing. I figured I could use all the help I could get! :D