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08-09-07, 02:23 PM
CMC gives guidelines on dwell time
Pfc. Melissa Tugwell

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif.(Aug. 8, 2007) -- As of July 27, the commandant has set a deployment to dwell ratio of 1:2, according to MarAdmin 448/07.

What that means for Marines is for every four months spent deployed, the Marine will have eight months at their home base or station.

“Everyone needs the dwell time,” said Sgt. Maj. Doneil Yarn, station sergeant major. “Deploying is what Marines do, when it’s time to go, we will go.

“I think it is sufficient time for the Marines to recover for their next deployment,” added Yarn.

“Logically, the more time Marines spend at home, the better it is for the families,” said Sgt. Maj. Louis Espinal, sergeant major of 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing. “Dwell time is good for families to recover from stresses associated with their (the Marines) MOS. Overall, the morale of our warriors and their families continues to be very high.”

The 1:2 deployment to dwell ratio applies specifically to active-duty Marines. Marines serving in the reserves have a 1:5 deployment to dwell ratio meaning for every month they are deployed they rate five months at the location of their parent unit.

“It’s a better opportunity for reservists trying to complete their civilian education while waiting for their next opportunity to deploy,” said Maj. Lara Santos, mobilization liaison officer for the reserve support unit here.

The requirements for active-duty and reservists differ.

For active-duty components, the deployment must last a minimum of four consecutive months. Deployment time starts as soon as boots hit the ground. The deployment must send Marines to specific areas of responsibility outlined in the message.

Training, deployment certifications, pre-deployment exercises and other routine local operations can and may occur during the dwell period, according to the message.

For more information on deployment to dwell time ratios and requirements for active-duty and reservists, refer to MarAdmin 448/07.