View Full Version : So they didn't lose the package I sent them

08-03-07, 02:22 PM
Back in November 2006 I sent off a large envelope containing copies of DD-214s, SRB records and other documentation to the Service Awards Section so that I could make official all the awards I rate and then have the appropriate changes made to a new DD-214.

I pretty much figured it got lost or never made it the 40 or so miles to Quantico. Well today I finally received a response. They regret the delay due to increased demands resulting from ongoing combat operations. Their reply will be forwarded to MMSB-12 to take care of my DD-214.

But they also say they don't have any official documentation of me attending Airborne school, so I'll have to send them a copy of that. However, they say I have an expert pistol badge. Hell I never even had one issued to me because the armory didn't have enough. :)

Now if only they would send me medals and citations.

08-03-07, 02:50 PM
Luck was with You;)