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03-22-03, 06:22 PM
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I need some help, wondering if someone can help me. My husband is 29 years old he took his ASVAB almost two years ago now and went in the dep program last July to ship out...

03-28-03, 12:12 PM
Those recruiters probably just want to give him enough time to maybe study some or prepare to take the test again. If I'm not mistaking you can take the ASVAB whenever as long as it is in a monitored situation. I would just go on the internet and find dates and locations that the ASVAB is given and just make appointments. I would bet they want him to study. Really a 39 isn't too good to get on the ASVAB especially with a college degree. He could do A LOT better and be able to probably get a better MOS if he'd just prepare for it and score higher. Usually anything above an 80 gives you a choice for just about anything. From what I've been told about the ASVAB from army recruits .. it has extra sections and the information is different although they are scored the same .. the ARMY has a lot more parts than Marines. I would say taking the ASVAB for the Army would be a waste of time because they are the same. He would score the same if not a lil higher unless he just screwed up on the first one. I would say get an ASVAB study book and let him brush up on some of that information and then ask the recruiter if he could take the practice ASVAB and they will show his progress. Then once he get so high on the practice test they'll probably send him to take it.... which could be before August.

03-31-03, 07:44 PM
Once an applicant takes his/her first test, 30 calendar days must pass before eligible for retest. Once tested a second time, an applicant must wait six months to retest. Each additional test is a...

04-01-03, 04:11 AM

Help me out on this.

I have a problem accepting a Sgt. Major at an RSS.

I spent two years on the first "District Contact Teams" (74-75), eight states (actually six, the boss took Hawaii away from me, so I made him take Alaska).

I had only one recruiter fired for cause, an E-8 who retired on the job before he submitted his retirement papers. He thought he outlasted an overseas twilight tour, I proved to him that he was wrong. I also took steps to protect the careers of the two E-5's he caused to be fired out from under him.

O.K., back to the subject.

MY advise would be for him to go to the RS, (I assume it's in Atlanta) and talk to the 1stSgt or Sgt. Major there. If he's got a case, they will make it for him.

But in MY experience, cutting corners was a "today" thing, this month's quota, NEVER for poolees.

Something, or somebody is out of whack.

In MY time, in the 12th District, I would have looked into it, checked it out, and filed my report.

Knowing ME, they knew they had a problem on their hands if I felt a situation warrented attention and it wasn't taken care of.

That was MY job.

Making friends was secondary, Influencing people was Primary, Earle Nightingale and Dale Carnegie be damned.

04-04-03, 07:38 PM
Each of the 48 RSs has a SgtMaj. as the senior enlisted leader. It seems rather excessive because of the unit size and number of presonnel at an RS. Because of the unit mission and size, I think most MGySgt. or MSgt. RIs can be dual hatted as both trainer and senior enlisted advisor. The RS SgtMaj is there to perform administrative functions while the 8412s/RIs are there to provide experience, training and continuity at the command. I had some great sergeants major. The Sergeant Major's key role at the RS is the command recruiting program and oversight of the pool program. It can be a full time job in just those two areas.

P.S. The RS SgtMaj. gets SDA pay too!!!!

04-04-03, 09:23 PM
Thank you for the reply everybody, we talked to the Sgt. Maj and he has assured my husband that if he gets a 50 or higher 80-90% the waiver will be approved. RSS wanted to take actions agaisnt the recruiter who did this but he had already been transfered to Hawaii.

They are all very supportive and my husband has been studying to get a higher score he decided not to lsiten to the Army recruiter he said the same thing he doesn't trust them The Army recruiter was getting nasty with my husband for saying he will do what the Sgt. Maj at the RSS told him which is studying and go in the Marine Corp to follow the foot steps of his cousin and his wife.

The Army recruiter used inapproriate language with my husband and made some unnecessary comments about the Corp and me being a former Marine. I thought my husband was going to kick that recruiter on his butt from the look on his face. But he kept his cool and said Sir. You have two seconds to get out of my face or you will see how future Marines get when they are ****ed. They guy almost ran I thought it was funny. My husband has been PTing and studying every day he wants this really bad he is a Marine in everything he does all that is missing is him going through boot camp and graduating.

Thank you all for your help and advice, unfortunately elected officials can not do any thing we tried. We will just follow the Sgt. Maj unless someone in here is a recruiter or Sgt.Mj of an RSS somewhere where they are willing to talk to him now to see if they can do anything to help. We will wait till he can retake the test and get his 50 or higher.

04-04-03, 09:54 PM
It doesnt matter who he test for, the test is valid and can be pulled by any service.

Also, go spend $20 and get the ASVAB book. Dont waste you time with the one that has 7 subjects.... get the one with 4 subjects... the key four that you need to raise the score...forgive me for not rembering the exact terms, but they are:

--Paragraph conmprehension
--Arithmatic reasoning - the word problems
--General Math....

OTOH, if he scores too high from what he had, they will make him take it one more time on the spot a - confirmation test - and that is the score he will keep.

Good Luck!


04-05-03, 11:07 AM
The most important subject matter is the English and Math sections:

Paragraph Comprehension
Word Knowledge (Vocabulary)
Arithmetic Reasoning
Mathematics COmprehension

Don't worry about the retest if he scores too high. This would only happen if the variant was equal ormore than 20 points. Usually, studying for a period of six months or less will not make you pop high enough to need a confirmation test.

Your husband is right to stick to his guns and pursue his dream of becoming a Marine. He has now seen first-hand how Army recruiters will do or say anything to get someone enlisted. Better to find that out now.

I wish your husband great success in completing the requirements to become a Marine.

04-05-03, 12:24 PM
We got the book, the only chalange he has is with Math because he studied Math in a different language in German and in Arabic so he has to translate some of the terms such as the english system to the metric system so he understands some of the questions which takes up a lot of time when he is taking the test.

The good thing is he did his PFT at headquarters again last week, he scored even better than last time he did it. Last time he did 3 miles in 20 miuntes and 34 seconds 5 pull ups and 100 crunshes. Last week he improved his run to 19 minutes and 40 seconds for a 3 mile run and 7 pull ups and 100 crunshes. I say pretty good for a 29 year old. Thank you everybody for your encouragment and answering my questions.