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07-19-02, 11:01 AM
I've been reading and learning the different in old and new Corps. I respect everyone including the Nam Vets.

As I sit here and read the stories and battles amoung each other cause one is better then the other one. It is not. I respect all Marines from 0311 to admin. OLd or new Corps.

I hate to see us fight like this. We have to learn from one another and teach our children about history. Young or old. These things are not in text books nor is it with the people of someone of the youngest that are in the Corps now.

I've enlisted in the Corps when Desert Storm was going on. I wanted to be in front lines when that happen but being female I had to do something else.

Anyway, as I go into my new unit in Pendleton. I've met and worked with the finest Marines around. My CO and an WO was shoot down in Desert Storm. I hear the stories of the Marines that were there and to see the hurt in some faces.

Not comparing Nam to Desert Storm but hearing the story of WO Hunter that was in both wars. At the time he had 30 yrs in the corps. From Nam then Desert Storm. WO Hunter had experience the old corps and new. It was my honor to work with person.
If anyone recalls Desert Storm, the person that they showed on the news of the pow that was beaten up that was WO Hunter.

Anyway, I have not been to war. But if I had to do it all over again. I would be in the front lines with my bros in afgan right now.

9/11 has done somthing to our nation but we are not forgetting that we are still at war in the middle east.

Please I ask lets stop fight among each other. We are Marines and I'm proud to be one. Whether old and new we are reunioned in more ways then one.

Semper Fi everyone

07-19-02, 11:56 AM
My first reaction was much like yours.
But after reading them again.
Its not really what it appears like.
It was a post asking for help in dealing with PTSD.

My first reaction was that we might be going the way of the U.S Army.
With this award aka The Combat Action Badge;


To get that award, an individual in the Army has to be in combat and under fire.

But does that make an individual better than other?
There's examples where an individual might just be in the area of combat but not under fire and still qualify for that award.

Thanks God, that we got away from all those patches and kept our uniform as plain as possible.

Only the individual medals and awards are displayed on our uniform.
Those only represent an individuals awards in Service Record Book.
So those awards only have meaning to the individual.
We respect those awards.
But we have a greater respect for the Marine Corps
So in keeping with that, we try not to degrade any other's service.
We all have or had a job to do.
An 0300 in the field would last too long with the support of others.
So their mission is as important as the mission of 0300.

Talking is the best way to deal with the PTSD.
We able to walk our way thru the demons of PTSD.

You will never be able to forget.
Closurer will only come on your passing.
But its great that we never forget.
Because its honors those.
Who gave their "Tomorrows so we might enjoy our Todays."

07-19-02, 12:01 PM
An 0300 in the field wouldn't last too long without the support of others.
So their mission is as important as the mission of 0300.

Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Fratres Aeterni

"Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever"

"Death Before Dishonor"


07-19-02, 12:11 PM
You are Millarat. We are not Amry nor are we another arm forces out there.
I've been reading over and over the post on how on is better then the other one.
If it wasn't for our 0300 we wouldn't be here and the same goes without saying for supplies and admin too. We are one big family and I hope to stay that way.

[URL=http://]Semper Fi to all Marines with great respect to all[[CODE]http://www.leatherneck.com/~dougkidd/semphrt.html