View Full Version : Some questions from a potential Marine reservist.

07-18-07, 06:37 PM
Im thinking hard about joining the USMC in a reserve capacity.Im a little old I know but I have a hunger that I cannot seem to quench.I follow the military's PROGRESS in Iraq/Afg religiously and do all I can stateside to let people know WERE WINNING.I have two buddies serving at the present time and I think I get a perspective that many who follow the papers just cant seem to grasp.I email/write to them frequently and while not very political theyre horrified as to whats going on in this country.

Im in very good shape,Ive never lost my youthful exuberance.Im married but have no kids.Im financially in good shape as well.My wife,while not thrilled,is very supportive of the goals Im setting here.

My questions if any of you guys care to answer.

1.Am I too old? (32..almost 33) I think Im still under the cutoff for a reservist.
2.Is there anywhere I can check to see where I might be based as a reservist?
3.If I join and proceed as a stateside reservist can I request to be deployed?
4.Does boot camp come as soon as I sign or after theres plans for me?
5.Are there different camps for reservists and fulltime Marines?

Ive done some research regarding the above questions but Id prefer to get it from the fellas who live it and love it.

I appreciate and wholeheartedly support the guys who are fighting and I feel that I can be part of that honorable family.

In short I think I have something to offer.....Id like to find a way to apply it.