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03-21-03, 08:42 AM
Press Release Source: J. Walter Thompson

New Marine Corps Commercial Debuts; TV Spot Reflects the Courage of Those Who Put Country First
Thursday March 20, 11:43 am ET

WASHINGTON D.C., March 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Marine Corps today released its newest TV commercial "For Country," a moving, documentary-style look at Marines' preparedness to go into battle reflective of the mood of the country.

The 60-second and 30-second TV versions featuring active duty Marines will begin airing nationally Thursday, March 20th.

The commercial, created by J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, follows Marines in recruit training, preparing for an amphibious assault, lifting off in a Harrier jet, flying helicopter missions, parachuting from planes ready for action, driving Light Armored Vehicles, on the ground in the dark of night, participating in martial arts training and drilling in the famous dress blues uniform.

Three titles are interspersed among the quick-cut footage of Marines on duty: "For Honor" ... "For Courage" ... "For Country." The commercial ends with the famous tagline: "The Few. The Proud" and the Marine Corps eagle, globe and anchor insignia.

The commercial combines scenes shot by Award-winning director Klaus Obermeyer; JWT footage of Marines in dress blues; and film shot by actual Marines in outposts around the world, including Afghanistan, capturing the combat-ready, elite warriors on active duty. Their high morale, peak physical condition, pride of belonging and dedication to teamwork is evident in their faces.

Major Andrew Fortunato, Director of Marketing at Marine Recruiting Command said, "We believe this commercial portrays the courage and commitment of Marines, whether at war or at peace. Highlighting the pride and honor of today's Marine Corps and individual Marine."

Scott Nelson, Executive Creative Director of J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, said, " Over the past few months, J. Walter Thompson has been privileged to film Marines fulfilling their timeless commitment to America. The resulting commercial is a quiet reminder, a tribute, to those who put our country before themselves."

Each year, the Marine Corps recruits approximately 40,000 men and women to fill its ranks. It has demonstrated its success by fulfilling its recruiting mission as dictated by Congress every month for over eight straight years, an unprecedented achievement.

The Marines integrated marketing effort includes, TV, radio and print advertising as well as direct marketing, special events and traditional recruitment efforts. Visit the new website www.marines.com. The new commercial will also be extended through on-line advertising, outdoor billboards as well as in a poster format.

For key frames of the commercial or tape copies, contact JWT.

Source: J. Walter Thompson