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07-16-07, 01:57 PM
Where is the Semper Fi spirit in Jacksonville N.C.? It was here once, when all turned out to put up the Beirut Memorial. But after that nothing, a case in point, a wall was to be put up next to the Beirut Memorial for Vietnam, the land was cleared years ago and now is getting over grown again and still no Memorial, I know Marines that helped clear the land and they tell me they don't no why it never went up, how long should it take to put up a wall? Ok this is my passon to get a wall put up for all Marines KIA in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in Jacksonville I just asked how long does it take to put up a wall, well lets look at two walls put up by the Armys 4th ID and the 1st Cav. http://pao.hood.army.mil/4ID/News/Articles/2007_May/Communityeffortsenable4IDtohonorfallenwarriors.htm l
We should have a wall for all Marines KIA in this war. I hope I didn't offend any Marines from Jacksonville, i'm just a 4 year L/Cpl with some questions


Phantom Blooper
07-16-07, 03:36 PM
Bruce,I feel your pain but the truth is the land was given by the government and it is now hinging on donations and private and public funds. The Marine Corps museum in Jacksonville same story...$$$ and a place to put it that all so all can use it.Eventually the area is to be a complete park for memprials and reflection. Semper-Fi! Chuck Hall

07-16-07, 07:18 PM
Chuck, Thank you for your reply, I understand the money problem. But don't you think if every business in Jacksonville gave 50 bucks each and with all the former Marine contractors in this town to give a little of there time and some donated supplies, hell we could have enough for two walls.