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07-12-07, 07:23 PM
Marine Heroes of Haditha Need Your Help! <br />
12 July 2007 <br />
<br />
An Urgent Message from Christopher Ruddy <br />
Editor - NewsMax.com <br />
<br />
Dear NewsMax Reader: <br />
<br />
Three brave Marines urgently need your help.

07-12-07, 07:44 PM
Marines need help...


07-18-07, 08:36 AM
J'ACCUSE <br />
<br />
By: Phil Brennan <br />
<br />
On January 13, 1898 famed French author Emil Zola wrote a defense of Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish French army officer, who was falsely...

Eric Hood
07-29-07, 02:39 PM
When was the last time we saw any report about a Marine being decorated for heroism? One Medal of Honor awarded, close to twenty Navy Crosses, how many Silver and Bronze Stars. Where do we find these reports? Only on Marine Corps sites or small town papers.
To us, they are heros, even if the main stream press is silent about them.
Semper Fi,

07-30-07, 04:16 PM
Didn't you know, the paper/news only reports what the people want. The only thing that they want is what the bleeding heart librals tell them what they want. Anything to bash on the commander and chief, how many candidates are running for president, Paris Hilton getting out of jail, new VA laws that were passed and should other states adopt them too. No one thinks for themselves anymore. They find one thing that reports something near news of any sort and that is what they drink their martinis to, while argueing of their recent experience at Star Bucks. The media doesn't care about the men and women that are giving up the lives (temporarely or permanently). They just want ratings.

Every once in a while, I find something on yahoo news that isn't negetative and talks about what we have done there.

How many civilian reporters were in wars prior to the Vietnam War?

07-31-07, 09:03 AM
Why dont the Marines start filming some of the truths and showing them to us. The media wont but if you tube or similar videos started coming out the media couldn't ignore it. They would at least have to keep up.
I dont want but maybe aught to see some of the atrocities and violence. I may even enjoy some battle video. It seems that we are so sheltered that we dont realize what our men are going through over there.
Having stayed stateside for Desert Storm on orders not by choice, I feel like I missed the party. Maybe if I saw how horrible, or (awsome) it is over there I could come to terms with not getting to go when I wanted to then.

08-21-07, 01:11 PM
I can't speak for anyone else, but I didn't join the Marine Corps for notoriaty or publicity. I joined for my own reasons. I don't need news papers and the media to advertise when I get an award. However, when you turn on the news most of the time it's broadcasting violence and negativity. Unfortunately, thats what sells. Even though I love to hear stories about how Marines are commended with awards and medals, most people will forget about it as soon as the next big thing happens. Thats just he way it is.

I just returned home from Iraq and was my FOB was in Haditha City. I patrolled the streets on a daily basis. As hard as it is to believe, most of the locals over there are over the situation that is still being talked about in the states.

I don't agree with revenge killings AT ALL but I can definately understand how someone would have a certain level of hate towards someone especially right after their friends were killed.