View Full Version : Involuntary extension nets $1,000 extra per month

07-03-07, 07:26 PM
Involuntary extension nets $1,000 extra per month
By John Hoellwarth - Staff writer
Posted : Tuesday Jul 3, 2007 12:23:19 EDT

Marines deployed to a combat zone for more than a year will get $1,000 more in their paychecks each additional month they spend at war, according to a Corps-wide message released Sunday.

An involuntary extension past the 365-day mark “due to unplanned operational requirements” entitles officers and enlisted Marines to $800 in assignment incentive pay plus $200 more in hardship duty pay, according to MarAdmin 397/07.

While the pay is monthly, a Marine need only spend one extra day with “boots on the ground” in the combat zone to rate the pay for that month. For example, a Marine who stays in theater 61 days past his one-year mark would rate three months’ worth of compensation, as long as the extension is involuntary, said Capt. Phillip Bonincontri, the Corps’ compensation policy chief.

Marines who volunteer to stay or exceed the year mark because they’re assigned to a unit’s advanced or rear parties do not rate the extra money, he said.

Bonincontri estimated that roughly 1,500 Marines would qualify for the payments, but that number could increase in the future depending on operational commitments.

“This is designed to carry us forward in the event that Marines are extended in the future,” he said.

Marines at or above the regimental or group level typically deploy for one year, the message said. Leathernecks at the battalion level and below deploy for seven months.

The new pay follows two previous policies that offer cash compensation to Marines who stay in combat zones longer than expected.

MarAdmin 108/07, released Feb. 14, authorized $500 per month to Marines who added time to their enlistment contracts to stay with an involuntarily extended unit. On March 16, the Pentagon authorized $250 per month for those who didn’t need to extend their contract but who were involuntarily kept in country for more than seven months.