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03-19-03, 08:00 AM
Women Warriors: 'These Girls are 100 Percent Marine' <br />
by Sgt. Joe Lindsay <br />
Marine Corps News <br />
March 17, 2003 <br />
<br />
MARINE CORPS BASE HAWAII, KANEOHE BAY, Hawaii -- Since 1918, women have claimed the...

04-03-03, 04:26 PM
Thanks Roger for posting this.

semper fi

04-30-03, 04:37 PM
My hat is off to all you WM's out there.
It was not easy for you gals to make it but you did, and I for one am darn pround to be assosiated( did I spell that right?)with you.
This is a great site and I would like to hear from more of you.
You WM's must have some great stories to tell.

Semper FI

04-30-03, 05:07 PM
Thanks for the thumbs up. So nice to get a pat on the back. You are right we do have some stories.

Semer Fi

Roberto T. Cast
04-30-03, 06:58 PM
It's nice to see women Marine among the ranks. Before we had to see the ugly face of the Marine next to you. If you are lucky, you will a pretty face next to you.:banana:

05-01-03, 06:41 PM
Roberto you are absolutely right. I for one can not wait to hear from more WM's. Not only better looking but lets face it they smell better too. Ladies drinks are on me.
Gung Ho
Semper FI
Do or Die
stan:banana: :marine:

05-01-03, 07:29 PM
Hey Roger,

The statue of Molly above is actually located outside the Gray Research Center. Apparently there was too much confusion between the two different MCRC's on base in Quantico

MCRC - Marine Crops Research Center
MCRC - Marine Corps Recruiting Command

Hey, maybe someday Molly and "Iron Mike" can get together and have a few little Marine Corps statuettes!!!


06-08-06, 05:59 PM
I'm bumping this thread because of a person who came in the chat area and was oblivious to the fact WM's have served in conflicts or that they were even allowed to enlist before Desert Shield/Storm.


06-08-06, 07:30 PM
WM here.............present and accounted for

They should talk to Ms Arlene

06-08-06, 07:53 PM
Agreed 84. Hopefully I'll get to meet Ms. Arlene when I'm up in Milwaukee in a few weeks.


06-10-06, 07:33 AM
Marine84 and His Angel as a boot in 1970 I pulled guaurd duty around the WM baracks at Paris Island. I had the grave yard watch so I would she the formations in the mornings. Ladies I thought my DI used harsh language, the WM DI was brutel. I was thankful I did not have her.From that day forth I had even more respect for women in the armed forces. I salute you all.
I only met a few WM's either remmington raiders or in my field in the mess hall.
If there are any men reading this , lets face it we have guys out there that can talk the talk but become wheel chair bound when it comes time to walk if you know what I mean.
I would enjoy hearing from any of you ladies so give me a shout any time at sfkow36@hotmail .com
Semper FI kubba

06-16-06, 11:18 PM
Great thread. I think few even realize than we had quite a few who served in Vietnam as well. I personally am good friends with 2 of these fantastic ladies.

06-17-06, 10:38 PM
True Story for Mary Ann
Before being shipped to Nam ,Some of us went to Dineyland on Marine Corp day. Standing in line for one of the rides was me my friend Mac. Two cute girls in front of us and Mac makes a comment about BAM'S. And in case you are not aware it is what the men called WM'S Broad Ass Marines and I appologize because I never liked it. He make the comment again and one girl turns around and"" says what did you say?" Mac made the mistake of repeating what he said and down he went. She cold cocked him so hard he was out for ten minutes.So you see size and shape do not matter a Marine is a Marine no matter what gender. Mac did appologize before we left the park

07-03-06, 10:16 PM
I am glad to see that we are appreciated. I was in the first class of Field Wiremen to include women and we were not wanted! The first pt session we had at school, the SSGT. tried to run the women out. He ran us six miles, up hill, in the sand. Instead of dropping us out, he dropped his instructors out, because they were not used to that kind of exertion. We had just come out of bootcamp so of course we were in the best shape of our lives!! We thought that was great, but the SSGT. never got over it! He was a sexist jackass anyway! The rest of the guys were great and became some of my best friends.

07-03-06, 10:30 PM
I totally understand. I was in the first class of electricians that included women. There were only 3 of us and 2 dropped after school and went into supply. I stayed in my MOS and came out as an 1143 high voltage. As far as I know I was/am the only women 1143 in the Corps. Now I work as a journeyman pipefitter for GM. I have 21 years in and 9 years and counting left.
I was a real oddity as I wore civvies to wrk.. jeans and a tee as I could not perform my work in those cute blue utilities we wore then. had to get special persmission from CMC to be issued boots and wear them. The good old days. Few people even realized I was a Marine as I worked with 5 civillian guys. They were great. Ahh the good old days....

07-04-06, 01:48 AM
It was great seeing the look on peoples faces when I told them I was in the Marines. I had been a model before I joined the Corps so I looked nothing like what they pictured as a Marine. It was even better when the male Marines found out that not only was I a Marine, but I shot a better score at the rifle range than them! I loved it! I can rub it in my husbands face still today!! LOL He was also in the Corps so when our little boys grow up I can tell them too!! LOL:angel:

07-04-06, 02:50 AM
I shot a better score at the rifle range than them! I loved it! I can rub it in my husbands face still today!!
That's funny as hell! :banana:

07-04-06, 03:59 AM
It was great seeing the look on peoples faces when I told them I was in the Marines. I had been a model before I joined the Corps so I looked nothing like what they pictured as a Marine. It was even better when the male Marines found out that not only was I a Marine, but I shot a better score at the rifle range than them! I loved it! I can rub it in my husbands face still today!! LOL He was also in the Corps so when our little boys grow up I can tell them too!! LOL:angel:
I am a Women Marine Veteran and I know what your talking about. All is shocked when I tell people that I am a former Marine. I now am a single mother of four because I married the wrong Marine, but heah life happens.

07-21-06, 02:46 AM
It was even better when the male Marines found out that not only was I a Marine, but I shot a better score at the rifle range than them!

I begged the Lt.Col. I worked for to let me go the the range for six months in 1978. Back in those days we didn't qualify at all. He resisted letting me go until one day I walked into his office and took him up on his "my door is always open" policy. I said, "Sir can you please call my dad and my uncle and explain to them why I am not qualified with the M16." I can still see the confused look on his face as he asked me to explain. When I told him my father was a gunsmith and that I got my first 22 at age 9 and spent two years in NRA sanctioned competitions before I got a 12 guage and learned to shoot trap and that my uncle was a retired USMCR Colonel who thought it was about time women in the Corps became riflemen, he picked up the phone and called the training Gunny. I was one of three WMs at the range two weeks later. Sad to say my M16 took a dump on me on pre-qual day and I missed expert by 6 points. My dad really rubbed that in since my brother got the highest score in his platoon during Army basic.

Some of us fought litle battles trying to change things for women but we still fought. I am so proud of today's female Marines that I could just bust.

By the way hi Mary Ann and Arlene. Angel let me know when you get to Milwaukee. I am nearby and can't wait to meet Arlene too. I don't usually drive too far because I never know when I am going to have a migraine but maybe I can get up there to meet both of you.

08-04-06, 09:33 PM
I've Always Been Proud To Have Earned The Title Of United States Marine.and I've Been So Very Proud Of Our Sisters In Marine Green. We Are Bound Together By History,forged In The Fire Of Battle,and Quenched In Blood.God Bless Our Corps And All That Have Served It With Honor.. SEMPER FI

08-08-06, 12:09 AM
You all who have made a difference for us now are the BEST!!! Without you there would be no me. And beakerless, thank you for helping in getting us be marksman, Every Marine is a Marksman, right?? I love my rifle and I love to shoot!!

08-23-06, 03:09 PM
Semper Fi Devil Dogs! So glad to have found you!

How sweet the memories. The old days back when WM's were just getting into schools. I was the eighth woman to be in Microwave Radio class (2532). #7 was from my squadron and we went to school together.


08-23-06, 03:26 PM
That was a great article. Thank you to the WM's of the past for paving the way for me. It's nice to see us getting the recognition that we so rightly deserve. We do have some great stories! Semper Fidelis Marines.:iwo:

08-23-06, 03:40 PM
AHHHHHHn I love women all of them.......

08-23-06, 11:47 PM
I am only being curious about this but I have seen numerous referrals about Women Marines not having a nickname.
My question is this why not???
Also this is probably ilrevelant but this is addressed to WM's only (know the mens view): what effect did the actress that played the LtCol have on helping real WM's
role in the real Marine Corps? This is not a trick question as I have heard many women remark that until they had watched the tv show JAG that they didn't realize that WM's were treated the same as the men Marines.
I only ask these questions because for the almost ten years I spent on active duty I very seldom saw a WM (probably my loss)
Again this is not in any way to be construed as any sort of put down or to be derogatory to any WM I just am being nosy I guess.

08-24-06, 02:34 AM
well I never watched JAG. As far as us being caled by nicknames I have never minded being called a Jarhead. Now as far as some of the names some deided to hang on us that were less than pleasant why should be put up with them. I was one of the first electricians in the Corps in 1975. I am, as far as I have been able to find out, the only woman to hold the MOS 1143. I was a high voltage electrician/ It was a long road but I was determined not let them prove that a woman could not handle what they had termed a "male" MOS. Now I am a jouneyman pipefitter.
So why should we put up with derogatory nicknames, and yes nearly 100% of those so called designed for us are not nice in nature. We work hard to uphold the traditions of our Corps, we live by the values and we are Marines.

08-24-06, 09:00 AM
I am a Marine. I do not need a nickname to set me apart from my brothers, we are all family, and we all got the title through hard work and determination. Cloud, you served a lot earlier than I did, so maybe that is why you never saw a WM. I was in a male dominated mos, in a male dominated camp and I saw plenty of women. Maybe your eyes were not truly open. That being said if you call me a Jarhead, a Leatherneck, a Lady Leatherneck, etc, we have no problem but if you call me a BAM or any other derogatory name you will see me in your face, and fast. I would not let some civilian call me a name and I would not let a Marine either. After all some of the finest traditions of the Marine Corps include getting drunk and beating the hell out of someone! LOL;)

08-24-06, 11:09 AM
The nicknames never bothered me - even BAM - my a$$ IS broad so it fits.

Arlene Horton
08-31-06, 10:27 PM
:usmc: It is always so interesting to read about some of the outstanding jobs being performed today by Woman Marines, as well as learning about the "new" boot camp training. When I was at Parris Island in July 1952 there was nothing like what the new recruits are doing. We didn't have any long and exhausting "runs", no training on the rifle range, no marching with full packs and no "Crucible" or anything even resembling any part of today's training. We learned about "Customs & Courtesies", UCMJ, Marine Corps history and spent lots of time marching down the streets in front of our barracks...no grinder. We "majored" in field days...had the cleanest barracks. Spent time "spit shining" our "Boondockers", marking our uniform clothing and personal gear and some free time to write letters home. Our Drill Instructors were mainly female with one male Drill Instructor who did the majority of drill and teaching us about the early Marine Corps. The language was not "fierce & foul" and in fact, it was thouroughly discouraged. We were told that we represented the Marine Corps and we were expected to conduct ourselves as ladies, at all times. Sexual "hijinks" were firmly dealt with..."Remember, if you mess up, they won't say 'That Woman Marine' but they will say 'those Woman Marines'.... We were taught how to apply makeup, do our hair in a military manner and how to sit and stand "like ladies". We sure were a bunch of cream puffs!:yes:

09-01-06, 08:08 AM
If it weren't for you "cream puffs" we would not be the Marines we are today. Thank you for blazing the path... like a "lady." LOL;) :banana:

09-01-06, 11:29 AM
When we were is Somalia, it was pitch black at night. A Master Sergeant friend of mine went to the Head, (Double Seater, half Drum Sh**ter) one night; there was another Marine already seated on one of the stalls. They both sat there doing there thing and the other Marine got up to leave. My buddy said "Take it Easy Devil Dog" She said "You too Marine". It was so black that neither one of them knew who the other was!!!!

09-02-06, 08:56 PM
It was women like Mary Ann and Ms Arlene that paved the way for me - by the time I went through there was still a little bit of the cream puffiness (the makeup class, ettiquete at a table, and let's not forget how to sit properly with that skirt on) left but, we did have to know how to shoot, clean it, tear it apart and put it back together - didn't have to qualify with it - we had to get in the pool but it didn't go against you if you couldn't float for 5 minutes, we couldn't wear any kind of nail polish while in cammies, still no Crucible, no martial arts, no 3 mile run (ours was only 1 1/2 in 15) - the girls that go through it these days are some rockin' women!

I got a stupid question - if they doubled the women's run time, did the guy's double?

09-02-06, 09:00 PM
I know that one Gunny - after we've hung out with you guys for a while we adapt - HAHAHAHA!

09-17-06, 02:22 PM
I got a stupid question - if they doubled the women's run time, did the guy's double?

lol- i wish- but i have to brag on myself a little bit here ;) i STILL have a better 3 mile run time than my husband and quite a few of the Marines in his shop after shattering my ankle AND having a baby!!!! Tabby rubs her fingernails on her pretty cammies...

Arlene Horton
09-17-06, 03:23 PM
:usmc: Way to go, Tabby. I am so proud of you new, young Marines. Thank you for keeping the faith! Semper Fi:yes:

10-06-06, 12:48 PM
I know for a fact that WM's are great, I married one 43 years ago, and we're still married. She put up with a lot after getting out to raise a family. There are none better.

Semper Fi Marines :flag: