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03-18-03, 06:28 AM
Here's the setup. <br />
<br />
President Bush gave Saddam 48 hours to leave Iraq, or else we were coming in and throw him out. <br />
<br />
Let us assume, that well within the time frame, Saddam, his wives, children,...

03-18-03, 07:29 AM
"FREE ELECTIONS" comes to mind, but obviously that would take awhile.

I like 'thought provoking' questions. Does somebody declare 'Marshall Law' till elections are held? What Generals, Colonels, etc... do you trust?

Here's a thought. We want a Free Country left behind, with all the good stuff that comes with it. But we know that all of the different 'factions' are going to fight for power. What's wrong with independent States being set up, within the Country, and each faction gets a State. Complete with oil wells, sand, mountians, or what ever is under their tent at the time.

Then, LET THEM DECIDE. Give them the tools, show them how to use them, help them learn and grow. THEN GET THE F**K OUT !!

But... just a thought.


03-18-03, 07:33 AM
you can bet yer ass The Bureaucrats have a puppet in mind

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