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06-27-07, 03:09 PM
Is the Marine Corps Opportunities Book accessible via the internet? If so, where?

My oldest son is a former Marine and my youngest son is a new recruit. I want to get a look at the SOU for Communications Electrician. Can I get my hands on this without bugging the recruiter again?

06-27-07, 05:11 PM
Sorry, I've searched thoroughly, and saw no references of the MCOB online.

There is a recent USMC.mil reference from September 2006 that they have digitized it for Recruiters computers (http://www.usmc.mil/marinelink/mcn2000.nsf/main5/29254A4AA972B8B5852571F6006576A6?opendocument).

So go ahead and ask the Recruiter. He won't mind at all and it won't take him long to find the info.