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03-17-03, 01:10 AM
Excuse my ignorance.

I could have listed a quantity of links which would give credence to a major point. Iraq's elite troops have been withdrawn to protect Bagdad, the capitol city with a population of five million.

Iraq has conceded that the rest of the country will be overrun and it will take intense street fighting in Bagdad to get to Hussain.

Excuse my ignorance on this, but I can only relate to my experiences in traveling throughout the world.

What city is independently self supporting?

Within what city is the means to defend itself from a foreign aggressor?

What city contains the weapons of mass distruction on hand to defend the entire country? Or to attack another country?

Excuse my ignorance, but I believe that if 95% of Iraqi real estate was lost to their government, inspected, and cut off from outside communications, the threat of WMD would be eliminated.

Excuse my ignorance, but I believe that a city of five million, (Bagdad) sooner or later would require food, water, medical supplies, etc. from an outside source.

THEREFORE, I don't see any need to go into Bagdad. Just sit and wait for the population to decide they would be better off someplace else.
(It would be a real estate investor's paradise and a time for pension funds to invest heavily in E-Bay.)

Even after I defanged a snake, there is no need to crawl into his hole after him. Just wait. If nothing else, curiosity will bring him out.

It makes good sense, but NOT good live TV. Come to think of it, CNN stock might not be too bad of a short term investment, over the next two weeks.

"Reporting live from the bar at CNN HQ, Ba,Ba,Bag, Ba, Bag, Bag, Bag, Bagda, Bag, Ba, Bag Bagda, Bagdad."

03-17-03, 01:15 AM
LMAO. I wonder if Bernard Shaw will make the trip this time?

You've got a good point FirstSergeant! An old fashioned siege!

And if yer ignorant, I'm **** out of luck in the knowledge department! :D

03-17-03, 02:42 AM
Allow me to repeat a phrase (borrowed of course)

'If Top is ignorant, then I don't know sh*t from applebutter'.

And, applebutter sounds really good on toast right now........