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06-19-07, 08:36 PM
Definition of a Marine

AS SEEN BY HIMSELF A handsome, well conditioned, highly trained professional killer and male idol who makes females swoon. He wears a large Marine Corps ring and carries a finely honed combat fighting knife. His wide brimmed cammie booney hat is crisp and perfectly shaped and he is always on time due to the reliability of his large Seiko diver's watch.

AS SEEN BY HIS WIFE A heavy drinking, foul mouthed bum who arrives home every six months or so, with a new tattoo and a seabag full of filthy cammies, a large shiny ring, an oversized knife, a huge, ugly watch, a dirty misshaped, wide brimmed cammie booney hat, and a hardon.

AS SEEN BY HEADQUARTERS A drunken, brawling, HumVee stealing, woman corrupting liar with a large Marine Corps ring, a huge Seiko diver's watch, an unauthorized combat fighting knife and a fouled up cammie booney hat, worn in a non-regulation manner.

AS SEEN BY HIS COMMANDING OFFICER A fine specimen of a drunken, brawling, HumVee stealing, woman corrupting bull****ter who wears a large shiny ring, a fantastically accurate Seiko diver's watch, carries a finely honed, razor sharp fighting knife, and wears his cammie booney hat in a jaunty manner.

AS SEEN BY HEADQUARTERS, MARINE CORPS An overpaid, overrated tax burden who is, however, indispensable because he will go anywhere, anytime and kill anyone he is told to kill as long as he can drink, brawl, steal HumVees, corrupt women, kick dogs and cats, sing dirty songs, wear shabby cammies, a big, shiny Marine Corps ring, carry a finely honed fighting knife, wear a large Seiko diver's watch and a salty, wide brimmed cammie booney hat.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine!


06-20-07, 09:09 AM