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07-18-02, 11:40 AM
C:\aol30\download\emblem 1.jpg

Eagle, Globe and Anchor

Proud emblem......
Worn by your adopted sons.
Symbol of suffering, death and valor;
untouched by shame.

Eagle Globe and Ancho
Earned through sweat, tears, and pain,
But worn with pride.
Symbol of vicotiry...not defeat.

You who would be fighters,
Train to do yoour duty well,
At all costs, at all times-
Not even to shun the face of death-
This is your mark of fame.

Espirit de Corps....
Sublime in all its glory-
Buddy to buddy, man to man-
On parade, or midst of battle.
Proud the walk and strut,
That binds you all-
Under one falg, one love ,
One Emblem.

Eagle Globe and Anchor...
Symbol of Warriors!
Mark of Honor!

C:\aol30\download\emblem 1.jpg

07-20-02, 11:01 AM
Semper Fi, Brown Shoe Marine!!


07-20-02, 12:53 PM
They were cordavan shoes when I was on active dutyl, but then I also had a serial number.