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06-17-07, 01:47 PM
On June 29, 2007 my son will be graduating from boot camp at <st1><st1:city w:st="on">MCRD</st1:city> <st1:state w:st="on">SD</st1:state></st1> and exactly 30 years ago on that same day I was standing on those famous yellow foot prints.
Unlike my son I wanted to be a Marine since age 14 and joined right after HS. MY son left HS a year earlier, travel around the country doing odd jobs, did 2 years of community college and surprised the heck of us when he returned from Alaska last summer and announced he was joining the Marines.

At the beginning I was a bit skeptical and asked him what he wanted to do in the Marines, and his answer was enough to convince me he was committed, "to be a Marine everything else is details".

Semper Fidelis
Alex Bello 1stSgt (Ret.)
USMC 1977-1999

06-17-07, 01:49 PM
OORAH!!! Brother ya gotta be proud.

Semper Fi


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Right on! Good blood there!


Sgt Leprechaun
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06-30-07, 02:06 PM
He made it and the tourch has been passed on.
Welcome to our Corps Pvt. Bello.

RON 68
06-30-07, 03:16 PM
have a good time at the grad ceremony today.remember to take a good pic. he will look back at that someday, and say {I DID IT!}

congrat's. RON 68

06-30-07, 03:29 PM
ooh-rahh! :D

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07-01-07, 12:28 AM
Here are some pictures of the new Marine, one with dad and also with his SDI.

09-26-07, 10:44 PM
<o></o>Our son just completed his schooling, and has reported to his new unit 3rd Bn. 6<sup>th</sup> Marines, 2<sup>nd </sup>MarDiv. <st1></st1><o></o><o></o>
The most amazing thing is that while I was searching for information on this unit I looked up the battalion’s leadership bios and found out that I had served with current battalion commander LtCol McGrath.
The Col. (Capt back then) was the ops officer and I was a Det commander with 2<sup>nd</sup> Force Recon Co. Small world and even smaller Marine Corps, what are the chances of this coincidence happening.<o></o>

09-27-07, 01:03 AM
Oohrah. Outstanding First Sgt!
Semper Fi to you and our newest younger brother.

09-27-07, 01:18 AM
Congratulations. Can't think of anthing that would make a Dad prouder!

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10-21-08, 08:04 AM
Hello fellow Brothers and Sisters in Arms.
Well, by next week our son the Marine will have completed his first overseas tour and will be departing Iraq. :D

10-24-08, 09:12 AM
Its good to hear that he is safe.

10-24-08, 01:06 PM
My son graduated Sept. 12, 2008 from PI. We are all proud to be Marines but having your son or daughter as a Marine really makes the head swell a little. My son's company commander at PI talked to some of the parents before Family Day. The one statement that really stuck was: These young men and women should all be commended. We are at War and they chose to become Marines. No one forced them to do what they are doing. They chose to become Marines.

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01-10-10, 07:22 AM
Fair Winds and Following Seas to our son on his departure today for his 2nd combat deployment. Semper Fi! One proud Dad!

01-10-10, 11:12 AM
Thats amazing First Sergeant, on how much he has accomplished during the two years. It is great that you have kept us informed over this period of time. God bless your son, and your family, I will pray for him that he stays safe. Semper Fi!!!:marine: