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03-15-03, 04:04 AM
TOPIC: The Department of State under (General) Colin Powell has signaled
the Communist government of Vietnam that it agrees with that government's
desire to prohibit the display of the Republic of (South) Vietnam flag
anywhere in the United States. Having succeeded so far in getting the Bush
Administration to prevent the former RVN flag from flying in the state of
Virginia, the Communist government in Hanoi is now demanding that the State
of California prohibit the RVN flag from being flown or displayed in
California's large Vietnamese immigrant communities, and also to prohibit
any display of the RVN flag by anyone, anywhere in the United States if the
U.S. wishes to remain on friendly relations with the Communist government
in Hanoi.

As you know, the Vietnam Service Medal symbolizes the former South
Vietnamese flag. Many Vietnam War veterans proudly display their Vietnam
War Service medal in shadow boxes and wear their full-size medals when
participating in Veterans Day and Memorial Day events. And since 1988 some
Vietnam vets have advocated that all Vietnam War veterans should wear their
Vietnam War Service ribbon on their shirt collar every day.

QUESTION: Should the Vietnam War Service Medal which displays the image of
the former Republic of (South) Vietnam flag be revoked, or should a new
Vietnam War Service medal be designed from instructions dictated by the
Communist government in Hanoi, Vietnam?


Otis Willie
Associate Librarian
The American War Library

03-15-03, 07:45 AM
Never did care much for our allies in Vietnam.
Dued to them not appearing, after we had taken a great deal of trouble setting a block.
But to tweak the communists in North Vietnam.
I would like a flag of South Vietnam to post on my message board.
It would fly till I would be ordered to take it down.
I would than place a sign saying why I had to remove that flag.
So in a fact it would still be flying.
Screw those communists in North Vietnam.

Veteran of Vietnam...1965,66,and 67.

Semper Fidelis

03-15-03, 07:48 AM

Here's a Flag of the South Vietnam

Semper Fidelis

03-15-03, 08:53 AM
:D It's too late now. Freedom of expression. people sure come up with sum petty crap.

Thanks for the heads-up Jimmy

03-15-03, 07:10 PM
As several of you have pointed out The Vietnam Service ribbon is the colors of the RVN flag . Thats good enough for me , despite the pc notions I'll still display that ribbon.

03-15-03, 07:21 PM
Of all the stupid bullshi* I've ever heard........& I've heard a lot..this takes the award for stupid. This political correct crap has got to stop somewhere. They can kiss my rosy red asss!!!

03-15-03, 08:17 PM
If this is true and happens I'll have the South Viet Flag tattoed on my arm F**K north-vietnam who gives a f**k if we have good or indeed any relations with them.

03-15-03, 08:22 PM
Thanks JR, you really pi**ed us off now! LOL

Laughing aside, I want to say to them----

This is America you commie @&%^%#!
Go *^%# yourselfs!
We will fly whatever we wish in America.
We fought there to preserve the RVN flag. At least I did.

If the Viets want to fly the RVN flag here, thats ok with me as long as they fly it below the American flag.

The Dept. of State may have a commie on board. Duh!

Wear your medal/ribbon Marines with pride!

Semper Fi

Sgt Sostand
03-15-03, 08:38 PM
Sound like crap to me

David Schultz
03-15-03, 09:46 PM
Does anybody know where I can buy a sticker of the RVN service ribbon? I'd like to put it on my pick up, Harley, and car. I will display both the USA (above) and the RVN (below). I'm proud to be a U. S. Marine and prod to have served my country. I'd like to display my PRIDE.

Semper Fi

03-15-03, 10:11 PM
Republic of South Vietnam Flag

Couldn't let this go by...seem logical don't it!

This might behind this controversy on the flying of the communist flag here in the States.

Here's another piece on this controversy and the reason the State Department got invovled.

Semper Fidelis

03-16-03, 02:39 AM
I read the suggested articles:

"RICHMOND -- The House passed a bill today that would require the yellow flag of the former Republic of Vietnam to be displayed at public events in Virginia, not the banner of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

On Friday, opponents questioned whether the measure violated free speech rights by compelling the display of the defunct nation's flag at official gatherings in schools and other public venues."
There is also a controversy concerning the flying of the Confederate Flag, although, to be truthful, none who fought under THAT flag are still alive today.

In the above quotes, I object to the word "require" and agree with not "compelling".

I do not agree with situational ethics. Principles MUST be adhered to.

The subject is flags, not ribbons or medal awards or tattoos.

Like it or not, the flag which now represents Vietnam has changed, as has the flag which represented the Confederate States. I'm not a historian, but those who are can point out changes to other national flags. And yes, people died, for and under the old flag. (In WWII we fought under a 48 star flag, now it's 50 stars. Do WWII vets fly the 48 or the 50 star US flag???)

I have seen historical pageants in California and Texas. ALL previous flags were represented, as being part of the state's history. Even the historical Mexican Flag is represented as being flown over those "states". In other parts of the present United States, the French, English, Spanish, and Russian flags have flown even after we became a country. History cannot be denied.

Like it or not, the official flag of the U.S. has 50 stars, and the official flag of Vietnam is a Communist one. Private groups, social, religious, national, or whatever have the right to display whatever banner they choose to identify with.

THEREFORE, a representation of today's reality should reflect today. Those who choose to remember the past, should be entitled to erect their past banners and stand or march beside them.

So we have a parade. The flag carriers carry the flag of today. Various other groups within the parade carry flags and banners of the times THEY represent.

I think both have equal rights. Not to be "required", but to be permitted.

I am NOT a politician. I choose NOT to be "politically correct". I insist upon being "right". And if I'm shown that my elevation and windage is wrong, I will adjust, until I am in the black again..

03-16-03, 05:53 AM
This statement was posted here a couple weeks ago. You can change a word - but the entire context remains the absolute same. ( I am degreed in philosophy - I do understand what I am doing here.....) *noted word changes are highlighted by the < > symbols - words are 'logic', 'reasoning', and 'ethic'.

"The fashionable assaults on <patriotism>, in the end, are failures of character.
They are made by privledged induviduals who enjoy the full benefits offered by the country they deride and detest its opportunities, its freedoms, its riches but who lack the basic decency to pay their country the alliegance and respect that honor demands.
Honor, of course, is often another object of their derision. For the rest of us, our own honor and our devotion to our nation's special virtues requires us to respect and defend their opportunity to be irresponsible and subversive of our safety.
But nothing forbids us from pointing out the despicable nature of their behavior"

- Professor Donald Kagen, Yale

03-16-03, 06:07 AM
The word missing in the first line of the quotation:

The fashionable assaults on < PATRIOTISM> -

Patriotism is the word to be changed with 'logic', 'reasoning' or 'ethic'. You may want to add at the end of or somewhere in the sentence - 'in this nation' - so the statement becomes...

The fashionable assaults on reasoning in this nation, in the end, are failures of character.

For those of you uneducated in philosophy - here is a lesson in deductive reasoning use in logic.
This is another example of an 'IMPACT STATEMENT'

Semper Fidelis, To the Corps

03-16-03, 05:05 PM
You think. Therefore you are.

03-16-03, 07:24 PM
Damm straight I do.

And I AM.

03-16-03, 07:47 PM
Originally posted by Barndog
Damm straight I do.

And I AM.

Therefore, I am too!

Glad "you got it" bro. :D

Semper Fi

03-19-03, 05:42 PM
Originally posted by David Schultz
Does anybody know where I can buy a sticker of the RVN service ribbon? I'd like to put it on my pick up, Harley, and car. I will display both the USA (above) and the RVN (below). I'm proud to be a U. S. Marine and prod to have served my country. I'd like to display my PRIDE.

Semper Fi

David, I'm sure there are numerous sources, but I got mine at www.grunt.com. Try it, you'll like it (even though the owner is an Okie).

Semper Fidelis, Frank (Texan in exile)