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03-15-03, 01:44 AM
How many times do we have to explain to people the purpose of the Gulf War? As it seems war is looming on the horizon with our former foe, I find myself constantly trying to defend myself, and compatriots of the GW against statements like ,Why didn't you finish what you started? Why didn't you guys take Saddam out while you were there the first time? If you would have done your job the first time none of this would be happening! I don't have the answers to any of these except for the fact we were there to drive the Iraqis out of Kuwait. That was the mission. Most folks do not have a clue to what I am saying. Even my own mother. At first I tried to be patient and explain how things work. As war draws closer, and more troops are moved, the tone has become even more sarcastic, and directed. To the point of tempers coming out, it is becoming very frustrating. I was wondering if this is prevailent over the whole country? Seems like the ticker tape parades and good feelings of the GW have faded, and now the liberal blame finger is starting to point in our direction.
Please forgive my whining and rambling just had to go somewhere and let this off my chest, before I plant my fist in some ignorant hillbilly's forehead.


03-15-03, 02:02 AM
There's an over abundance of ignorance & arrogance within some of our citizens. Don't let 'em get to you. We know the GW forces kicked *ss & accomplished their mission. Nobody can truthfully deny that.

03-15-03, 02:04 AM
I went through that **** with my niece awhile back. She's a real bleedin' heart liberal pain in the ass! Now she calls me a stubborn old man! LMAO.

Let me see if I can help ya here, bro. First, we were workin' with the U.N the first time. The mission was gettin Iraq outta Kuwait. Secondary to that was the fact that the civilians, like the ones who're arguin' with ya, were extremely concerned about U.S. casualties.

That dichotomy pretty much defines their position. They don't understand because they choose not to understand.

The big argument on yer side is that you were just doin' yer job. It was up to the civilians to make sure that the government did what they wanted it to. You didn't set policy and you weren't a general, a diplomat or a president.

A lot of info has been posted on the site about this. A lot of ammo has been made available to ya if ya wanta listen to their crybaby crap, because that's all it is. I've yet to see a liberal who would answer a direct question on this issue. They always bring up something else that has nothing to do what the topic they origunally brought up. Stick to yer guns. Stand yer ground and keep yer ( mental ) feet. If ya don't, they'll try to steamroll ya with obfuscation and bull****.

I've noticed that those who proclaim peace with Iraq and terrorism are the first to use violence, either in word or in deed. That's yer first clue. If they want peace, why are they becoming so violent about it if peace is their goal. The thing is, they're too damn ignorant to see that failure in their logic. I don't think much of them overall. We've got a couple of Marines around here who seem to the liberal type. They're a bit more ready to talk than to bull****, though. A few, a very few have some principles. That doesn't make them right or just in this case.

Make them stick to one point at a time and don't let them bull**** ya.

I'll set ya up with the urls for some more info inna bit. I'm not the 'ammo' bunker, but I can tell ya where it is! :D

Don't let the bastards get ya down, brother. We're here for ya.

03-15-03, 02:13 AM
22 pages of stuff here. Gotta sort through it, but it's well worth the time. You'll have some answers when ya get done.


the second one here has other urls on leatherneck that I put together for Sparrowhawk


I've spent some time dealin' with some of those folks. If ya need any help with that kinda stuff, let me know.

Semper Fidelis, Marine.


03-15-03, 08:40 AM
Thanks Bones you are becoming a crutch. It is a real relief to have a place to vent, instead of becoming a time bomb. My thanks and appretiation to you and those who keep this sight up and running, and always being here with those words of wisdom.
Hell hath no wrath like a group of civilians venting their distaste for war on a veteran. I am just now starting to understand why my Dad is so hesitant to become friends with anyone who hasn't done his or her time. He is a VietNam Veteran, and he has told me how lucky we were to recieve the kind of welcome home we did. He also warned of the two faced goodness of "supporters"!!
The feeling of elation of winning a war has started to fade, and the feeling of unacomplishments are beginning to set in. Along with a sickness that can't be explained.
Enough of this rant for now, once again i would like to thank all you folks of Leatherneck for giving us a place to vent and rave! Kind of like Therapy for the "ticking time bombs" as I have been recently referred to.

03-15-03, 12:00 PM
Anytime, leroy, anytime. I can't do as much as I'd like, but I do what little I can. That's my whole purpose fer bein' here, as much of an ass as I can sometimes be.

When folks tell me I'm crazy, I tell them the VA hasn't made up their mind yet. They get kinda quiet after that! :D

Semper FI


03-17-03, 07:58 AM
HEHEHEHEHEHEHE, Bones, here's to you brother. Semper Fi. Dave

03-27-03, 02:09 PM
I am NOT a Marine... but am close friends with two who served in Gulf War I, and three that are deployed TODAY in Op Iraqi Freedom.

I just want to tell each of you that I personally appreciate EVERYTHING you DID, DO and will DO for the USA!

I'm just glad we've decided to finish Saddam OFF this time around!

04-22-03, 08:00 PM
yeah definatly know what your saying. been hearing that for what 12 yrs now?