View Full Version : Chocked on the green weenie this weekend, while prepping for Iraq

SSgt Blue
06-11-07, 11:28 AM
Went to the range and was going for second award but that was not in the card for me. Left the 200 and only dropped a few. Shot the best I ever have in the standing, Got to the 300 and was still doing well after the sitting. I thought great going to get that second award expert. Well then came the rapid fire. Didnít notice that I didnít raise my sight for the 300. All my shots were low and I dropped 20 points right there. I was so pist the 500 didnít go so well either. So at the end of the day I received my first Pizza box. Note: This was the first time that I have shot the M-16A4. Shot a little different from the A2. I'm still Fing pist off. Errrrrrrr. LOL. What can you do????

06-11-07, 12:45 PM
I'd have had to think about blowing the whole thing, and going UNQ.
Just shoot the target NEXT to you. Then go for a Re-Qual.

Guess it can still be done that way. Was told (behind the scenes) after pre-qual day in boot camp with a 226(?), that if I dropped too many points early on, and wouldn't make expert, to shoot OFF, and go Unq. I'd then be given the pre-quall day score.

Any PMI's that can confirm or deny ??

06-11-07, 12:57 PM
The way I remember...everybody who shot Expert on Pre-Qual Day worked the Butts on qual day. Everybody else fired again. PMI's got nervous if somebody shot "off". Shooting the target next to you got you an "earfull" when you were done. Funny how you were treated a little more humanely when you were given a loaded weapon.

SSgt Blue
06-11-07, 01:08 PM
This was a one day shoot. Pre-Qual in the AM and Qual right after that. No snapping in no classes from the PMI's. The ones that went UNK shot 30 points higher the next day on Avg.

06-11-07, 01:12 PM
Don't feel bad, I was a non-qual in boot and the only 0800 in my platoon.

Shot expert (M-14) my last year when it was to late to put me in the infantry http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/tsmileys2/04.gif

BTW, besides my firing pin breaking pre-qual I had a hang fire qual-day (Maggie-drawers) and I had a 60 on my 300 prone (had to do it over (48)