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06-08-07, 06:28 AM
Local Marine gets to walk at Graduation

Jun 07, 2007 - 176 students graduated Thursday evening from Elmhurst High School, and one made special arrangements to be there. 18-year old Marine Private Corry Johnson spent the last three months quite differently than his fellow seniors. But Thursday, he joined them, as they crossed the stage and received their diplomas.

18-year old Marine Private Corry Johnson finished his senior year at Elmhurst High School in January--packed his bags, and headed out to California for boot camp.

Private Corry Johnson/US Marines: It's not as physically demanding as people would think. The PT sessions are hard, but it's not constant PT. That's a big misconception. There are classes. It's more mentally challenging, at least it was for me."

Gary Johnson/Father: "He went through it and made it. And now he is going to walk with his class, it's pretty neat."

Johnson sweat, even ached and says he was challenged harder than he thought he would be. And everyday he thought about returning to Fort Wayne to walk across the stage with his classmates.

Private Corry Johnson/US Marines: "I worked hard during school. I worked my butt off to get the best grades I could, and this was really just a big stepping stone in life."

Barb Gentry/Principal, Elmhurst High School: "We have a lot of students who go to the military, and they are very proud of that. And Elmhurst really celebrates that. He's been in boot camp for the last three or four months. But, graduation is very important because they know we respect them, and students are treated like family. And they are part of our family, and they are our heroes too."

The Marine graduated with a B-average and says world history was his favorite class. Johnson will head back to California in the next week for Marine combat training, and then to Camp LeJune in North Carolina for his first assignment.

Michelle Thomas/Mother: "I'm just proud of him. He not only graduated from boot camp, the Marines which is the hardest, also high school. He is looking forward to traveling, seeing the world with the Marines and defending our country."

Written & Edited by Nicole Pence.


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