View Full Version : Marine Corps Survival School Part I

03-13-03, 02:03 PM
Hi All,

I just noticed that Marine Corps Survival School Part I will be on the Discovery channel later tonight-- it will be on at 2200 Pacific time and again at 0100.

I wish they would hurry up and show the boot camp one.. I'm going through withdrawals! :)

03-13-03, 06:12 PM
ALSO on friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd they are running shows about the Parris Island Drill instructors on the discovery channel. Check the TVGUIDE.com to see when

03-13-03, 10:23 PM
ooh awesome!

03-14-03, 08:43 AM
Thanks for that heads up.

03-18-03, 12:11 PM
good job 03Infantry....keep us posted..i dont wanna miss any shows

03-18-03, 02:58 PM
Is there a Marine Corps in the TV schedule on here anywhere? I think that would be a cool idea.

03-18-03, 03:35 PM
that would be a good idea! we pretty much just do it ourselves, but we can't catch every listing.

03-18-03, 08:08 PM
There isn't one on for quite some time, well says the tv guide anyways