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06-03-07, 08:50 PM
Alright, well, I graduated November 22, 2006. Here's my advice:
For boot camp, enjoy it! It's going to be your hardest and most motivated part of your Marine Corps experience, push your self as hard as possible for your PFT, rifle score, ect. When you get to your school and then fleet, it'll make your time as a PVT/PFC much better having good scores.

For MCT, fun sh*t, I would have loved it if it wasn't January.

MOS school: BUST ASS, and learn as much as possible about your job. Go for first in class, stay out of trouble, and stay motivated.

FLEET: Remember why you joined. Motivation seems to be low around the barracks. Stay out of trouble, don't get caught up in other peoples negative attitudes. Somethings about being a young Marine will suck, but it depends on your attitue about things. Stay positive and motivated, your command will notice, and it will pay off. Go to school, ask about programs to get involved, colorguard, and other things. Most of all, conduct yourself like a Marine, no matter if you are in uniform or not. If you see somebody stopped on the side of the road, see if they need help, do the right thing when no one is looking, and treat others the way you want to be treated. Be confident, not cocky. Be smart with your money. I personally love Navy Federal Credit Union. If you would like financial or any other advise PM me.

Good Luck, Semper Fi,

PFC Bergman

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What is your MOS?