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07-17-02, 05:45 PM
Tulsa Co. Sheriffs Officers caught some of these and this is what INS told Tulsa Co. S O to do with them WTF: <br />
Tulsa County Sheriff's office detains, releases 16 immigrants <br />
<br />
TULSA, Okla. (AP) _...

07-17-02, 10:28 PM
So here's a brain teaser for ya. If a farmer lives where he works, and receives no cushy executive bonus checks, why is it that he can't afford to sustain himself, his family and his employees? After all there is HUGE money in agriculture...EVERYONE eats, and hardly anyone grows his own food anymore. Multi-million acre operations have stockholders and executive bonuses to pay. Shouln't they have less money to work with since they theoretically do the same thing and would theoretically have similar costs? Here's the missing link I think: Illegal immigrants have no trouble finding farm work. If they were working on independent family farms, there would be plenty of money to sustain the family farms. So where are they working??? Maybe we should follow the money. Don't be surprised that the INS doesn't care about illegals from Mexico, it's harvest time for a lot of labor intensive crops, and both parties love to cash big campaign checks from big agriculture companies. Besides, they are really too busy these days harassing veterans with "throwing stars" at the airport.

07-19-02, 12:57 AM
I believe that the only way we are goin to make this Country safer and produce more jobs for legal Residants and Citizans is to compleatly barricade the borders of US-Mex and US-Canada. I know that it sounds far fetched but its the only way to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and the flow of prospective terrorist into our country and it will deter ppl from losing there jobs to illeagl immigrants. Tha's all I have to say bout that . EJS

07-19-02, 08:25 AM
As of yesterday Representative John Sullivan (R) Ok has been stirring up a big pot of Sh!t about this mess the alphabet group INS has created in Ok. He has asked for the name of the person who is in...