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05-31-07, 07:40 PM
[poolee18] 4:59 pm: hey pim
[PIMCRD] 5:00 pm: Good evening all.
5:00 pm: Hello
[PIMCRD] 5:00 pm: How is everyone?
[bootlace15] 5:00 pm: what dry season?
[poolee18] 5:00 pm: stressed to hell
[PIMCRD] 5:00 pm: Books, I have never met you. How are you?
[Books] 5:00 pm: I'm fine, and yourself?
[PIMCRD] 5:00 pm: Why are you stressed?
[PIMCRD] 5:00 pm: I am well, thank you.
[PIMCRD] 5:01 pm: Why the stress pool?
[Books] 5:01 pm: Bootlace, so there aren't seasons in Vietnam?
[poolee18] 5:01 pm: she keeps crawling back and it s****ing me off
[PIMCRD] 5:01 pm: Well, what did I tell you? Be done with her.
[PIMCRD] 5:01 pm: Do not speak to her.
[PIMCRD] 5:01 pm: What, does she realize now what she has lost?
[PIMCRD] 5:01 pm: FOrget her.
[PIMCRD] 5:02 pm: She will do nothing but ruin your life
[PIMCRD] 5:02 pm: and make you wish
[PIMCRD] 5:02 pm: you never met her at all.
[bootlace15] 5:02 pm: books it was always hot and rainy and yes dry
[PIMCRD] 5:02 pm: Do you want that for yourself?
[poolee18] 5:02 pm: hell no
[PIMCRD] 5:02 pm: Okay..what is the problem then?
[PIMCRD] 5:02 pm: What specifically is she doing?
[Books] 5:03 pm: Thanks for clearing that up, Bootlace. I saw some films that described monsoon seasons and stuff so I guess they were just off.
[PIMCRD] 5:03 pm: "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
[PIMCRD] 5:03 pm: Are you the rough man she misses, Pool?
[PIMCRD] 5:04 pm: Well, you don't have to miss her because you should be IGNORING her.
[poolee18] 5:04 pm: she is so dumb that when i try to explain something she thinks that im talking #$%^&* and she says she is going to f my life up
[PIMCRD] 5:04 pm: You shouldn't know anything about it if you are ignoring her.
[PIMCRD] 5:04 pm: That is all you have to do.
[PIMCRD] 5:04 pm: Ignore.
[PIMCRD] 5:04 pm: Her.
[PIMCRD] 5:04 pm: DOn't take her calls.
[PIMCRD] 5:05 pm: Don't see her.
[PIMCRD] 5:05 pm: Don't return messages.
[PIMCRD] 5:05 pm: Don't hang out where you know she does.
[PIMCRD] 5:05 pm: Don
[PIMCRD] 5:05 pm: Don't speak to her friends.
[PIMCRD] 5:05 pm: Mutual friends you two have should be cut off for now.
[Books] 5:05 pm: Heh, how would she screw your life up? You're headed to the Corps anyway (unless your name is misleading and you are already in , I apologize)
[PIMCRD] 5:05 pm: How much longer for you?
[PIMCRD] 5:05 pm: July?
[poolee18] 5:05 pm: yes sir
[PIMCRD] 5:06 pm: No, he's headed to the Corps.
[jerryk] 5:06 pm: [B]is this a dear abby site or a marine site haha
5:06 pm: Alright I have to go. Take care, good night.
[PIMCRD] 5:06 pm: I think that all depends sometimes Jer.
[PIMCRD] 5:06 pm: Have a good night Books.
[PIMCRD] 5:06 pm: Take it easy.
[poolee18] 5:06 pm: later books
[PIMCRD] 5:06 pm: I like the quote on your page.
[bootlace15] 5:06 pm: This is a site for the Marines,you gotta talk about old jane rotten croth go to another site..........................
[PIMCRD] 5:07 pm: This is a poolee having a potential problem
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[jerryk] 5:07 pm: [B]haha
[PIMCRD] 5:07 pm: I know the subject matter isn't the most welcome, but we have to lbe here to lend a hand.
5:07 pm: then go to the poolee site
[PIMCRD] 5:07 pm: Is there a Poolee site?
[poolee18] 5:08 pm: gotta role later
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[PIMCRD] 5:08 pm: Even if there is, Poolees don't know enough to get out of their own way. Someone has to be there to guide them.
[bootlace15] 5:08 pm: how long have you been a member look at poolee hall
[jerryk] 5:08 pm: [B]better leave his problems at home for he get there all i can say
[PIMCRD] 5:08 pm: Thank you.
[PIMCRD] 5:08 pm: I have never been to the Poolee side.
[PIMCRD] 5:08 pm: Never seen anyone in it, either.
5:09 pm: 10-4 PIMCRD Marine
[PIMCRD] 5:09 pm: I just think if the young man wants guidance, he has come to the right place.
[bootlace15] 5:09 pm: thats their problem not ours
[jerryk] 5:10 pm: [B]let the pooles learn like i did when i ran off the bus
[PIMCRD] 5:10 pm: He has issues regarding his enlistment. That is what it's about. She is trying to get him into trouble with the COrps.
[PIMCRD] 5:10 pm: This is not about getting off the bus.
5:10 pm: LMFAO jerry
[PIMCRD] 5:10 pm: He has to have the opportunity to get on first.
[PIMCRD] 5:10 pm: If she screws this up for him, it could be his "last chance".
[bootlace15] 5:11 pm: go to a recruiter
[PIMCRD] 5:11 pm: Don't you want him to have a future?
[bootlace15] 5:11 pm: tough sh!t
[PIMCRD] 5:11 pm: Going to a recruiter may be a good idea.
[PIMCRD] 5:11 pm: I will suggest that next time I see him.
[PIMCRD] 5:11 pm: On line.
[jerryk] 5:11 pm: [B]you better not be taking no personal problems when he gets there
[PIMCRD] 5:12 pm: Personal Problems?
[PIMCRD] 5:12 pm: You mean like the one he is having?
5:12 pm: roger that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[jerryk] 5:12 pm: [B]yes
[PIMCRD] 5:12 pm: Well, if he has an issue, he shouldn't be made to feel worthless.
[PIMCRD] 5:13 pm: He feels uncertain about his future and needs help.
[PIMCRD] 5:13 pm: If his parents aren
[PIMCRD] 5:13 pm: t willing
[PIMCRD] 5:13 pm: to help, someone should.
5:13 pm: Oh my god!!!! How did you feel during bootcamp?
[PIMCRD] 5:13 pm: Like ****.
[PIMCRD] 5:13 pm: Bootcamp was a different experience.
[PIMCRD] 5:13 pm: Totally.
[PIMCRD] 5:13 pm: This is not about bootcamp.
[PIMCRD] 5:13 pm: This is about MAKING it TO bootcamp.
[PIMCRD] 5:13 pm: Don't you get it?
[PIMCRD] 5:14 pm: His carreer is in jeapordy
[PIMCRD] 5:14 pm: before it even starts
[PIMCRD] 5:14 pm: because of this ****.
[bootlace15] 5:14 pm: 10-4 Marine,why can't he feel the same if he wants to go through it?
[PIMCRD] 5:14 pm: Are you paying attention?
[PIMCRD] 5:14 pm: This is not about BOOTCAMP.
[PIMCRD] 5:15 pm: This is about his sanity and safety before he ships.
[jerryk] 5:15 pm: [B]well ma,am i see you are a young ma,am also a man better leave all that behind hime
[PIMCRD] 5:15 pm: Once I got past the mind games of bootcamp, I enjoyed it. And then there were more games.
[PIMCRD] 5:16 pm: Yes, once he leaves he can put it all behind him.
[PIMCRD] 5:16 pm: THis is true.
5:16 pm: screw his carreer,you made the issue now drop it,advice for a poolee is on the poolee hall..................and now you mention boot camp
[jerryk] 5:16 pm: [B]unless he going on ya,lls side of the island it is different you know
[PIMCRD] 5:16 pm: If you read up, YOU asked me about bootcamp.
[PIMCRD] 5:17 pm: Jerry, I think you forgot I am a man.
[PIMCRD] 5:17 pm: I changed the profile to make sure poolees were serious.
5:17 pm: It does'nt matter what I mentioned,you wee advising a poolee on Marine time.....................
[bootlace15] 5:18 pm: were
[jerryk] 5:18 pm: [B]you better change your picture then
[PIMCRD] 5:18 pm: Bootlace, don't talk to me about "dropping it". I wouldn't have had to raise the issue if you would have listened in the first place.
[PIMCRD] 5:18 pm: Other poolees cannot give the advice seasoned Marines can.
[PIMCRD] 5:18 pm: Do you agree?
[PIMCRD] 5:18 pm: I will change the picture at my convenience.
5:18 pm: Don't get me started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will not like it
[PIMCRD] 5:19 pm: Please start.
[PIMCRD] 5:19 pm: You are older than I am, and I respect you.
[PIMCRD] 5:19 pm: However, I will stand my ground.
[PIMCRD] 5:19 pm: You were not always the person you are now, just as I'm not.
[PIMCRD] 5:19 pm: We learn as we age.
[PIMCRD] 5:19 pm: What we learn, we can teach.
[jerryk] 5:20 pm: [B]thats what recurters are for ask them
[PIMCRD] 5:20 pm: I am waiting for you to start.
[PIMCRD] 5:20 pm: Perhaps he doesn't have that type of relationship with his recruiter.
[PIMCRD] 5:20 pm: Did you think of that?
[PIMCRD] 5:21 pm: I know the two of you don't especially like Poolees.
[PIMCRD] 5:21 pm: That is alright.
[PIMCRD] 5:21 pm: But there is no need to trash them when they need help.
[PIMCRD] 5:21 pm: That is my point.
[jerryk] 5:21 pm: he should its his life he sign away
[PIMCRD] 5:22 pm: He should...what?
[PIMCRD] 5:23 pm: Well?
[jerryk] 5:23 pm: i have nothing againest them but i aint goind to bagy sit the on here and about all their problems
5:23 pm: sentimental gets you no where,but dead............. There are professional people to help out with troubled people.... If you don't have a license to practice psych,shut the #$%^&* up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[PIMCRD] 5:24 pm: Is that all you've got?
[PIMCRD] 5:24 pm: Let me explain this to you.
[PIMCRD] 5:24 pm: I am not angry with you.
[PIMCRD] 5:24 pm: You should not be angry with him.
[PIMCRD] 5:24 pm: All he wants is a little guidance.
[bootlace15] 5:24 pm: I am being nice at this point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[PIMCRD] 5:25 pm: Sentimental gets you...killed. Not dead.
[PIMCRD] 5:25 pm: I understand that.
[PIMCRD] 5:25 pm: No one is talking sentiment here.
[PIMCRD] 5:25 pm: YOU brought that up.
[jerryk] 5:25 pm: [B]didnt know they taugh tall that in the wingwipers
[PIMCRD] 5:25 pm: If you don't want to be nice, don't.
[PIMCRD] 5:25 pm: There is no law against being an ass.
[PIMCRD] 5:25 pm: I don't know what they teach there eithe.
[PIMCRD] 5:25 pm: either.
[PIMCRD] 5:25 pm: I just know how to be human.
[PIMCRD] 5:26 pm: suppose that was your kid in here iwth problems.
[PIMCRD] 5:26 pm: Or even you.
[PIMCRD] 5:26 pm: YOU had to start somewhere.
5:26 pm: then stop advising people,they could get someone else killed on your advice
[PIMCRD] 5:26 pm: Maybe you weren't as confused as him....
[PIMCRD] 5:26 pm: he is reaching out.
[PIMCRD] 5:26 pm: I don't think so.
[PIMCRD] 5:26 pm: I am not worried about who lives or dies.
[bootlace15] 5:26 pm: reach out to a doctor
[PIMCRD] 5:27 pm: If someone dies due to someone else's incompetence, then so be it.
[bootlace15] 5:27 pm: what?
[PIMCRD] 5:27 pm: Can you read?
[jerryk] 5:27 pm: [B]i do my marines
[PIMCRD] 5:27 pm: If someone dies due to someone else's incompetence, then so be it.
[PIMCRD] 5:27 pm: That is what I said.
5:27 pm: yes,but not your sh!t
[PIMCRD] 5:28 pm: I have a question for you bootlace.
[PIMCRD] 5:28 pm: Ready?
[bootlace15] 5:29 pm: well?
[PIMCRD] 5:29 pm: Do you frighten those around you?
[PIMCRD] 5:29 pm: I mean, are there people who are afraid of you?
[bootlace15] 5:29 pm: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[PIMCRD] 5:30 pm: Because I am not.
[PIMCRD] 5:30 pm: I have seen combat.
[bootlace15] 5:30 pm: you have missed the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[PIMCRD] 5:30 pm: Your ballyhooing on this site doesn't bother me.
[PIMCRD] 5:30 pm: No, I think YOU have missed the point.
[jerryk] 5:30 pm: [B]lady you talking to 2 combat marines not some one never left the states yo need to get ub thar pooley chat if so #$%^&* worried about then we got more time on mess duty then you got in the marine coros
[PIMCRD] 5:30 pm: You think that if you scream and act like a fool....
5:30 pm: big deal........heres your medal
[PIMCRD] 5:30 pm: acting like you don't understand basics...
[PIMCRD] 5:30 pm: you can scare people.
[PIMCRD] 5:31 pm: You do not scare me.
[PIMCRD] 5:31 pm: I don't think you can stop me.
[PIMCRD] 5:31 pm: Shut the #$%^&* up Jerryk.
[PIMCRD] 5:31 pm: I have dealt with you before.
[PIMCRD] 5:31 pm: I respected you then, and still do.
[PIMCRD] 5:31 pm: Get out of this while you can.
[PIMCRD] 5:32 pm: I'll bet you're not used to that are you?
[bootlace15] 5:32 pm: you can say what you want,But I'd never follow you one time!!!!!!!!
[jerryk] 5:32 pm: [B]what dont you shut up to marines trying to talk
[PIMCRD] 5:32 pm: You don't have to.
[PIMCRD] 5:32 pm: You're too old to follow anyone anyway.
[bootlace15] 5:32 pm: and by the way #$%^&* you
jerryk and bootlace 15

05-31-07, 08:25 PM
Mama always said "If you can't say something nice, STFU."

05-31-07, 09:00 PM
I'm sorry,PIMCRD ,but I cannot read your post due to the font colors used considering the background color. (Could that be a good thing?) What is the purpose of this post? Please advise.

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05-31-07, 09:10 PM
Just highlight his post above (like you were going to copy it) then you can read it.

He must of been a S&C pogue to long (invisible ink & ultra-violet lights)

05-31-07, 09:50 PM
OK..................I'm confused

05-31-07, 09:54 PM
ME TOO!!!!! :confused:

05-31-07, 10:14 PM
Can somebody post the Cliffs Notes version??

Dave Coup
05-31-07, 11:14 PM
It looks like his side of a conversation between him and Jerryk and bootlace but I must say wtf over.


05-31-07, 11:20 PM
With all due respect to the participants---who gives a $hit? :confused:

Dave Coup
05-31-07, 11:20 PM
Her side, I hadn't looked at the profile..sorry